Gen4 Glock Hands-On

23-Oct-09 – 08:55 by ToddG

I’ve had a chance to handle one of the new Gen4 Glock pistols extensively now, including breaking it down to look at its internals. So without further ado, here is my detailed review of the upcoming Glock 22 Gen4:

(review unavailable due to non-disclosure agreement)

Yeah, I know. Sorry. But I will say that when the Glock 19 version becomes available — whenever that may be — I’ll be grabbing the first one I can get my hands on.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. You are such a tease. I’M going to buy the first glock 19 that comes out just to spite you :)

    By redbandD on Oct 23, 2009

  3. OK, I realize the non-disclosure agreement and so on, but IIRC you had an on-going reliability issue with Glocks years back. Are you confident that has been addressed to your satisfaction, or is that still to be determined?

    By David Armstrong on Oct 23, 2009

  4. David — I’m not aware of any open-source information related to the performance of the next-gen Glock, so cannot comment.

    I have owned six Glocks.

    First was a G23 that had endless reliability issues. It was identified by a NYPD Glock-certified Advanced Armorer as being part of a known range of bad serial numbers. Nonetheless, it took multiple tries to get the gun replaced by Glock. After some nasty letters and threats, I received my second G23. Shortly after getting my replacement, I sold it.

    G27 that I shot very little (my recollection is less than 3,000 rounds … my records are not at hand). It never had a bobble and was laser-beam accurate, as the baby Glocks tend to be. Sold it, I think to the same guy who bought the G23.

    G30 that ran well but was extremely sensitive to primer height. Even a slightly high primer would jam up the gun. The G30 was sold mostly because I decided to standardize on 9mm.

    G19 that suffered countless “Phase III Malfunction” issues. Again my notes aren’t here with me but I want to say it was approx 25 stoppages in 6,000 rounds. I was a certified Glock armorer by that point and Glock had me replace the extractor assembly, but the gun never ran as well as it should. Sold it to someone who knew its history but wanted it anyway. Between the prior G23 fiasco and then the G19, I switched to Berettas and never looked back.

    The only Glock I own currently is a 17/T. It’s run just fine. 😎

    By ToddG on Oct 23, 2009

  5. Any reason why you seem to really like the new G19?

    By G34Shooter on Oct 23, 2009

  6. for the answer to the last question, see here;

    (review unavailable due to non-disclosure agreement)

    By Rob E on Oct 23, 2009

  7. Dang, Todd! You’ve had more trouble with Glocks that any group of ten people I can throw together.LOL! My first 19 had 2400 rounds through it in my hands; it was pretty new when I got it from a friend. I traded that gun back to the same guy for an MnP 9, and picked up another 19 as quick as I could muster the money. They’re all pretty new to me so the round counts aren’t significant yet. My luck seems to have run counter to the rest of the Internet with my MnP, and my Glocks are the most reliable guns I own.

    That you want the new 19 says to me that they didn’t ruin a great design. I’m looking forward to shooting one.

    By Haji on Oct 24, 2009

  8. I wasn’t asking for specifics Rob E. so I figured Todd would at least say that it personally feels better in his hand, seems to be slightly more durable etc…

    By G34Shooter on Oct 24, 2009

  9. Looking forward to a review or at the very least opinions on the next gen glock, when can we expect some answers, I don’t want to have to wait until the next shot show.

    By FrankMDPD on Oct 24, 2009

  10. G34 — I cannot comment on the gun beyond what I said above.

    FrankMDPD — I doubt there will be much more than rumor before SHOT. It’s only a few months away…

    By ToddG on Oct 24, 2009

  11. so I guess we know what your next test gun is going to be? won’t that be cool a Gen 4 G19 getting abused by you. hehehehe. too bad it won’t be able to come to Canada if we can put together another course for next year. (stupid laws). although a G17 could, and it could even stay after you leave…………..

    By Rob E on Oct 25, 2009

  12. I think this speaks volumes, “I’ll be grabbing the first one I can get my hands on.”

    By MW on Oct 26, 2009

  13. Does Glock still have the program where you can get an earlier generation Glock upgraded? I’d like to have my 2nd Gen G19 upgraded.

    Just wondering if I have to by new or not.


    By Tex on Oct 26, 2009

  14. I recently sold my 2 Glocks(CAN legal G19 and 26) and am waiting to get a G34 and/or 17.
    Never had any problems with either, just decided that having to put a 4″+ barrel on them made the compact size redundant.

    I wonder if these new G19’s would be available for a relatively small agency purchase(more than 100 but less than 500…), and be in hand by the end of the fiscal year(March 31st…..)
    Most likely they’ll be shown at SHOT then unavailable until the 2nd/3rd quarter. :-p

    By LJ on Oct 27, 2009

  15. I wonder if I get someone to blow up my Gen3 Glock 19 (12-6, and only one in Canada), if I can get it upgraded to a Gen4 for a fee?

    By Rob E on Oct 27, 2009

  16. Never heard of a program where Glock upgraded generations, just the safety upgrades (internal parts including fire pin safety in the early 90s, frames in the early 2000s). Looks like you will have to buy new.

    I will be quite interested when they come out, but imagine it will be a while before they get to the G19s.

    By DrewH on Oct 29, 2009

  17. Wait, I thought the 4th Gen GLOCK’s were already out?

    The GLOCK 22 was the first one? Am I missing something here?

    By kdogg@HKPRO on Oct 31, 2009

  18. Generation 4 G22s will not be out till the SHOT show. That is why no pics or reviews of them yet:)

    The RTF G19s are just coming out, and the RTF G22 was introduced some time ago. Glock could always change its roll out schedule of course.

    By DrewH on Nov 1, 2009

  19. All of the RTF pistols that have been released over the past several months are still considered Gen. 3 pistols with some grip texture revisions.

    The Gen. 4 Glocks will be a complete redesign of the frame from what I have been hearing.

    By NickDrak on Nov 9, 2009

  20. Correct.

    By DrewH on Nov 10, 2009

  21. The 4th Gen craze is so big in these parts that Glockophile shop owners predict many reconverts who left due to grip issues….these issues seemed to be magnified when the nicely marketed Springfields came on scene.

    By yamalink on Dec 13, 2009

  22. Well the craze is over. No more rumors. Glock has released thier GEN4 and it is nice to have new features but it is nowhere near impressive. Interchangeable backstraps, 1/8in. smaller than standerd, standard, and 1/8in larger than standard. New RTF grip texture, a little bit like the RTF2 but with larger cubes this time. Larger mag catch, and it is reversible. Last but not least a dual recoil spring assembly. No crescent shape cocking serrations. Nice gun, but all it is, is what the GEN3 should have been.

    By GregG on Jan 1, 2010

  23. Well I came back to Glock with the intrduction of the Gen 4 and the new back straps. That is why I left the GLock world was I did not like the angle of the grip. With the Gen 4 it is a much better to shoot. And if won me over again. That is my 2Cents worth

    By Claude on Oct 28, 2010

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