P30 Thursday: Week Twenty-Six

5-Nov-09 – 21:42 by ToddG

53,482 rounds
9 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 3 parts breakages

The P30 is back. Heckler & Koch replaced all the springs in the gun and magazines, and also replaced the magazine followers. With the help of some fellow M4Carbine.net Northern Virginia Training Group members almost 3,500 rounds have been fired through the gun in the past few days.

P30-50kgrpAs promised, the first thing done with the P30 on return from HK was an accuracy test. The results were nothing short of astounding. Five 5-shot groups of Speer 124gr +p Gold Dot (from the same lot number used to test the gun when it was new) were fired by hand using a bench rest. The groups averaged 1.53″! The best group of the five measured just 1.17 inches, as pictured at right.

When the gun was new, an identical test resulted in a 1.92″ average. Did the pistol get more accurate? No. The gun has a lighter Variant 4 trigger setup now, the benefit of fifty thousand rounds of smoothing out the action, and superior Heinie sights compared to the mediocre stock factory sights.

But the fact that after 50,000 rounds this gun is shooting inch-and-a-half groups is incredibly impressive. In an era when so many people blow off handgun mechanical accuracy as unimportant, when people are satisfied with guns that shoot 4″ groups at twenty-five yards, the P30 clearly isn’t making any compromises in the accuracy department.

Next week, I’ll be meeting with HK to talk about the first six months of the test and where we’ll go from here. They’ll also be getting one thousand empty ammo boxes — making much-needed room in my office! — for display at next January’s SHOT Show.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 14 Responses to “P30 Thursday: Week Twenty-Six”

  2. You gotta love it, this gun is bad ass.
    The overall performance results are clear indicators that this weapon is the product of a tremendous engineering effort. The hype is around the “custom” grips, with the impression being that the P30 is merely another sheep among the flock of many. The P30 represents a level of craftsmanship and forward thinking that we have expect from HK.

    By Walker on Nov 6, 2009

  3. ha, 20 cases of empty boxes, should make an interesting display.

    By Rob E on Nov 6, 2009

  4. You should put a picture up of what 1000 ammo boxes looks like!

    By TR on Nov 6, 2009

  5. I’m impressed!

    By MW on Nov 6, 2009

  6. I’m not impressed, I’m jealous!!!!!

    By gtmtnbiker98 on Nov 6, 2009

  7. TR – I tried to get a photo, actually. But you don’t know how hard it is to find a place big, bright, and dry enough to showcase a thousand boxes of pistol ammo.

    gtmtnbiker — To help alleviate your jealousy, I will not post a picture of the 25,000 rounds that arrived today. It’s all American Eagle 124gr lead-free TMJ, too… fancy!

    By ToddG on Nov 6, 2009

  8. Oh Come Todd, please post the picture… We ALL want to drool!!!! It won’t be quite as bad of the pic of the 50k rounds that you got earlier!!! :-)

    By Kevin Orcutt on Nov 6, 2009

  9. Hi – tell us about the heinie sights. Was there going to be someting new on them?

    By BP on Nov 6, 2009

  10. Todd,

    A heads up for all of the IPone and Touch users, you can down load the surefire shot timer from the apps store for free.

    By Walker on Nov 7, 2009

  11. I downloaded the Surefire shot timer for my touch. But it doesn’t work without a mic!! :-(
    Anyone know of a good, small mic that will be suitable for the touch?

    By LJ on Nov 8, 2009

  12. Oh yeah, awesome gun too!!!
    A buddy from work has one and can’t stop saying good things about it.

    I haven’t gottent to try one yet, but I’d like to. The P2000’s(LEM trigger) I have at work are pretty nice guns… But I imagine the P30 is even better!

    By LJ on Nov 8, 2009

  13. Todd, any news on when the 40 S&W P30 will get here?

    By KevH on Nov 9, 2009

  14. Come on man, hit the apple store, or target.

    By Walker on Nov 9, 2009

  15. BP — Still waiting for the replacement sights from Heinie. As soon as I get them, we’ll put up pics.

    KevH — Nothing new to report. I’m meeting with HK on Thursday and will try to get updates on delivery promises for a variety of upcoming products.

    By ToddG on Nov 10, 2009

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