P30 Thursday: Week Twenty-Seven

13-Nov-09 – 11:46 by ToddG

55,686 rounds
9 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 3 parts breakages

Late again! But “P30 Friday Morning” just doesn’t sound as snappy, does it?

I hit a major milestone with the pistol during Week 27, setting a personal best on the F.A.S.T. drill:

  • 4.22 (clean): 1.44, .41 / 1.71 / .22, .21, 23

Needless to say, that was a good thing. I’m reaching the point where, if the stars align just right, I can imagine breaking the 4.00 barrier. Of course, I have a very active imagination. The work I’ve been putting into my reload technique (which is a lot trickier from underneath an untucked polo when carrying AIWB compared to an open-front cover garment like a vest) is definitely seen in the scores I’m turning in now.

Also, I was shooting the American Eagle 124gr “toxic metal free” TMJ ammo that HK sent for the next 25,000 rounds of the test, and it is absolutely the softest shooting factory 9x19mm ammo I’ve used. I’m going to have to chronograph it out of the P30 at some point. I’m not even sure it will make IPSC/IDPA Minor.

Thursday I spent much of the day at HK’s US headquarters in Virginia. I had a chance to sit down with company president Wayne Weber and communications director Steve Galloway. As mentioned last week, I dropped off more than one thousand empty pistol ammo boxes… which will be used (along with the endurance test gun itself) as part of the SHOT Show display in HK’s booth next January.

We also discussed plans for after the SHOT Show. The consensus was that as long as the gun is still chugging along great, no one sees a reason to stop at 75,000. Of course, first we need to reach the 75k mark.

We also discussed the possibility of doing a pistol-training.com edition P30. More information on that once we get some details worked out.

(and before anyone asks… we’ll have an update on the S&W M&P9 pistol-training.com gun next week, finally!)

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 9 Responses to “P30 Thursday: Week Twenty-Seven”

  2. Im all for a P30 pistol-training.com edition. Im all for a lighter trigger but not so interested in the safety. Te Version 3 decocker is about perfect.
    If HK would think about making a .22lr conversion kit for the P30 that would be sweet!.

    Awesome test so far!


    By John on Nov 13, 2009

  3. The PTC version will be a V4 (middleweight LEM) with some bells and whistles.

    By ToddG on Nov 13, 2009

  4. Congrats, contact me on the email, I would like to catch up soon. I am under 7 now clear with the v3.

    By Walker on Nov 13, 2009

  5. I’m very interested in hearing more details about the PTC version!

    By MW on Nov 14, 2009

  6. Interested in PTC P30 version too. It would be great if additional magazines either were included, or available for purchase.

    By YVK on Nov 16, 2009

  7. Are they going to address the slide locking, or did you have the discussion?

    By Walker on Nov 18, 2009

  8. Todd,

    If I may, I have a few impressions and or thoughts for those thinking about purchasing a P30.

    After pocking around on the net and reading some of the comments floating around.

    1. Comfort within the trigger well is dictated by proper finger placement and manipulation; a number of people whom have issue with the trigger are using too much finger. (Mixing and matching the grips is a great help to provide the comfort that you are looking for. The increasing the size of the back strap and outside palm will insure that you have less finger to put in the trigger. Tired of hearing the bloody finger song and dance. Get a bandage or get it right, either way quite your crying)

    2. V3 DA/SA works very well once you apply the press out (I the DA trigger pull allows me the ability to posses that much more control over the placement of the first shoot – gotta work on the timing and feel for the press out, practice)

    3. The slide will often times not lock back when your grip on the gun is high (understand that the gun WILL fire upon reload, however, I suggest a slide lock reload since that’s what it is for I guess)

    4. The magazine release is a major asset to fast reloads ( reflect the fit and finish on a $900 piece of equipment)

    5. It makes no distinction between munitions (standard, +P, +P+)

    6. The sights are very bright when charged (tried the others and came back home – not to mention you can charge the front independent of the rear )

    By Walker on Nov 18, 2009

  9. Walker — They’re aware of the slide locking issue.

    As for the trough in the trigger guard, it irritated my finger, as well, until I got used to it. I don’t believe it’s a function of trigger finger placement. I still feel it, and I’m fairly certain I’m handling the gun properly. HK has a reason for doing it. Folks who dislike it can always take an emery board to it.

    I’m not a fan of the charge-to-glow sights, and those won’t be on the PTC gun.

    By ToddG on Nov 19, 2009

  10. I agree it takes some getting used to. I don’t have it as an issue anymore unless I spend a lot of time dry firing. I would rather deal with it.

    I am by no means a fan of the sights. What I am saying they are brighter then the trijicon the meprolight sights with minimal light exposure under lowlight conditions. When charged for any significant charge they are clearly larger and brighter. With the options I have found, I will keep the old ones. Point being, I spent about $250 to come full circle.

    By Walker on Nov 20, 2009

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