M&P Torture Test

22-Apr-08 – 22:18 by ToddG

S&W M&P9Today began a serious test of a brand new M&P9 thanks to the folks at Smith & Wesson.  They sent us this pistol for long term evaluation.  Our plan is to put 50,000 (fifty thousand) rounds through the gun in the next six months.  And we’ll detail every step in the process right here at pistol-training.com.

Serial number is MFPxxxx.  The pistol has standard factory Trijicon night sights and a magazine disconnect safety.  The trigger is the MA-compliant 10# version with an excellent trigger job, bringing the actual trigger pull weight down to about six pounds.  The grips have been switched to Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

A short trip to the range today began the test.  Only 265 rounds, but everything ran perfectly right out of the box.

Check back regularly for updates on the M&P Torture Test!

Train hard & stay safe!  ToddG

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  2. Todd- what is meant by MA-Compliant [trigger] version with an excellent trigger job? I’ve often thought to get a trigger job done to my 40, but I can’t convince myself to do it. I’ve shot other pistols and their triggers feel okay, but mine is the only M&P I have fired. Friends that have shot my pistol tell me the trigger is nice so, I’ve not really pursued the trigger job.

    50,000 rounds; that’s a bunch in a short period of time. Will that thing ever cool off?

    By JoeB on Apr 23, 2008

  3. The state of Massachusetts has some peculiar laws about what pistols can be sold there. In order to comply, the M&P needs to have a 10#+ trigger pull. So Smith offers a variant with this MA-compliant trigger.

    By ToddG on Apr 24, 2008

  4. I’m looking forward to this!

    By M4arc on Apr 29, 2008

  5. Any chance you could measure the trigger pull every thousand rounds or so? Seems to be a lot of posts on various boards about how the trigger gets lighter as it is used more – it may actually only be getting smoother rather than lighter.

    By Spooky130 on Apr 30, 2008

  6. Spooky — very good idea. I’ll take a measurement today before heading to the range, and I’ll have the “new” and 1k numbers. However, remember that the gun had a trigger job performed before the first shot was fired. My results might not be particularly informative for a stock gun.

    By ToddG on Apr 30, 2008

  7. Checking the trigger pull weight is definitely something I’ll be interested in following. Good suggestion.

    By JohnO on Apr 30, 2008

  8. T, are you keeping some of type of log pertaining to when and what maintainence you are doing to the gun, IE lubed at X rounds, lubed and cleaned at XXX rounds etc? That would be informative I think.

    By JLM on May 22, 2008

  9. JLM — I’m marking in my shooting log when I lube or clean the gun or perform recommended maintenance.

    By ToddG on May 22, 2008

  10. gud day i just want to know if the s&w mp can also withstand what glock can absorb in torture test tnx

    By james on Nov 20, 2008

  11. james — Without doing some kind of side by side comparison, I don’t know that anyone could answer that. Personally, I don’t care if my carry gun can be frozen in a block of ice and still fire, or buried in a sand dune for a month and still fire, etc. I care if it will work under the circumstances I will see, for a long time given how much I shoot. So perhaps it would be better to call this an endurance test than a torture test.

    By ToddG on Nov 20, 2008

  12. Todd,
    I was just reading about your M&P test and the gun specs.
    Can you tell me the reason for the Mass. 10#
    gun and why you had the pull brought down to 6
    I am looking for a concealed carry gun
    and realize that my m&p pro that I use for idpa
    won’t make a good ccw gun.


    By Joe on Jun 7, 2010

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