Design a Drill of the Week Contest

31-May-08 – 10:46 by ToddG

Don’t forget the Design a Drill of the Week contest. So far we’ve received less than a dozen entries. Come on, guys. We don’t charge for admission, we don’t ask for donations, so help us out with some drill ideas. And win a hat in the process!

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  2. Here’s another “efficiency in motion” drill that evaluates one’s ability to draw, fire quickly and accurately with a two handed grip, then transfer to the strong hand and engage accurately, then transfer to the support hand and engage accurately. I call it the Tri-10. Sounds pretty easy eh? Well, it is! When you have what it takes….confidence, efficiency in motion, and sound fundamentals. Here’s how it works:

    10 yards, 10 seconds, 10 rounds, one target (a Transtar II type preferably).

    At the sound of the tone: draw, fire 4 rounds two handed, transfer to the strong hand only, fire 3 rounds, transfer to the support hand and fire 3 rounds. Done. No misses, 10 seconds; not unlike a standards course you cannot miss any outside the scoring area, and all rounds must be fired in no more than 10 seconds.

    Add difficulty by using a smaller scoring area, further distance, or less time.

    Good shooting!

    Gunslinger #1

    By Mr. Kelly D. Venden on Aug 18, 2008

  3. Is this the same Kelly Venden from 2nd Platoon A Company 1st 75?

    By Brian C. Ivers on Sep 10, 2008

  4. Why, yes it is! Send me a line!

    By Kelly V on Sep 12, 2008

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