Drill of the Week: Triple Six

8-Jun-08 – 09:32 by ToddG

Max Michel, photo linked from MaxMichel.com

This week’s drill comes from Bryan Williams, the first winner in our Design a Drill of the Week Contest. Thanks to Bryan for the great write-up. We hope you enjoy your new pistol-training.com hat!

For this drill, you will need three IPSC targets (or similar) and a shot timer. 

Bryan explains the drill as follows:

This drill was developed by Max Michel Jr. (pictured left; image linked from MaxMichel.com) of the U.S.Army Marksmanship Unit and USPSA Grandmaster.


Set up 3 targets [USPSA targets prefered]. There are three strings of fire.

  1. 7 yards – draw and fire 6 rounds [record time] 
  2. 15 yards – draw and fire 6 rounds [record time] 
  3. 25 yards – draw and fire 6 rounds [record time] 

For each hit in the C zone add .20 seconds. 
For each hit in the D zone add .50 seconds. 
For any misses add 1.0 seconds. 
Add the three raw times plus any scoring zone penalties.
A good goal to shoot for on this drill with a stock type production/SSP gun would be under 9.0 seconds after all penalties are added. (editor’s note: Max Michel’s personal best is reported to be 5.5 seconds total!)

Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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  2. sorry for asking guys..

    but how to do this drill.. i kinda don’t get the big picture in my head. Is it that the target set at a different length than you shoot while standing still or what ??

    i’m kinda new at this.. little help can mean so much to me

    By ponco on Jun 8, 2008

  3. I suspect he sets it up like an IDPA course of fire. Mark off the distances from three silouette targets set about two feet apart. Draw and fire two shots at each target and mark down your time. Repeat at the longer distances. 5.5 seconds? Mercy!

    By Flyfishtom on Jun 8, 2008

  4. Hey Ponco,

    You can use 3 targets and shoot each string on a fresh target if you want, or you can shoot a string, record the hits / tape and start the next string. This is a static drill, so you’ll just start at each prescribed distance and shoot 6 shots. The goal is to shoot 3 strings with all A’s obviously but shooting as fast as you can accurately do so. Hope that helps. Bryan Williams

    By Bryan Williams on Jun 8, 2008

  5. Flyfishtom,

    5.5 seconds is an incredible run on this drill. I’m sure Max is running this time with his Open Division gun. I think with a stock type gun with normal gear, anything under 9 seconds with penalties attached is really solid.

    Look at this way – string 1 is at 7 so anything around 2.0 flat with all A’s is solid. At 15, you’re looking at a clean run in about 3.0 and at 25 about 4.0 seconds. I shoot the drill faster that this, raw time, but you gotta remember it’s easy to through a few C hits and that adds .20 per C hit. This is a great drill to help your high speed shooting.

    By Bryan Williams on Jun 8, 2008

  6. wow thanks Bryan,

    It helps alot. I hope this helps my accuracy,cause it kinda sucks. The difference with you guys i’m using an airsoft pistol. So under 9 seconds is it ok or a bit to slow ?

    Sorry guys if i implementing this drill in airsoft
    i hope i didn’t disrespect you guys

    Best Regards

    By ponco on Jun 9, 2008

  7. ponco – Are you getting accurate hits at 25 yards with your Airsoft pistol?

    You’re not disrespecting anyone. There are a lot of great folks here who are happy to help you out.

    By ToddG on Jun 9, 2008

  8. you gotta shoot what’s available to you Ponco. Gonna try this drill later this week. Looks like fun. I doubt I’ll be at 9seconds though. I tend to slow down a bunch at 25.

    By rob on Jun 9, 2008

  9. I really wouldn’t get caught up in the time aspect so much… It’s good to get a baseline for where you’re now and use the drill to help you progress.

    I even change the drill up some and run it as a Quad 6 drill where I add in a string at 50 yards. On this one, anything under 15 seconds combined (for the 4 strings) with penalties attached, with a stock gun, is well…pretty salty.

    By Bryan Williams on Jun 9, 2008

  10. todd – actually no , not that accurate. It’s to far and if my calculation are right then 25 yards it’s around 25 meter right ? i’m reducing the distance.

    i’m using 5 , 10 and 15 meters.

    By ponco on Jun 9, 2008

  11. Ponco – A meter is about 10% longer than a yard, so a closer approximation would be 6 meters, 13.5 meters and 22.5 meters. However, using Airsoft, I’d stick with what you’re doing.

    By Revchuck on Jun 10, 2008

  12. Not sure if anyone has had a chance to try this one yet, but I shot it at practice today.

    Here’s the breakdown of my run

    7 yard string was 2.03 all Alpha

    15 yard string was 2.75 5 Alpha, 1 Charlie

    25 yard string was 3.84 5 Alpha, 1 Charlie

    Raw time was 8.62
    Penalty adds was .40
    Total Run Time was 9.02

    Gun – Glock 34 with Kytac Belt Holster


    By Bryan Williams on Jun 15, 2008

  13. Finally took a swing at this today. I didn’t have an IPSC target so I used my typical “body” target (5×8 card) compared to the 6×12 IPSC A-zone.

    First try:

    7yd: 2.27 6/6
    15yd: 3.32 5/6
    25yd: 4.51 4/6

    Total: 10.10 with three shots dropped

    Second try:

    7yd: 2.27 6/6 (identical to the 100th, I guess I have a pace 8) )
    15yd: 4.07 6/6
    25yd: 5.75 6/6

    Total: 12.09 clean

    S&W M&P9, CCC Looper holster, from concealment.

    By ToddG on Jun 21, 2008

  14. Todd,

    Both of those runs are very nice. Plus the concealment aspect adds to that as well. A clean run on this drill, regardless of time, is an accomplishment. Good work!


    By Bryan Williams on Jun 21, 2008

  15. 8,63, using a G 17 and Safariland 6004!

    The key to this drill is to shoot very agressive on 25yards!

    DVC Jörgen

    By Jörgen Andersson on Sep 9, 2008

  16. Todd,

    I’m posting my T6 run I did today with my M&P9 which is my best stock gun run to date.

    7 yds – 1.97 clean
    15 yds – 2.20 5 alpha/ 1 charlie
    25 yds – 2.64 3 alpha/ 3 charlie

    raw time – 6.81
    penalty – 0.80

    total – 7.61

    Last week I hit a 3.11 at the 25 that was clean but this week I tried shifting gears some to really push my limits to see and track the sight. I’m seeing speed improvements in almost all of my drills right now with the M&P.

    I made some changes to the sights i’m running and also changed recoil springs and it’s making a difference in performance.

    By Bryan W on Oct 25, 2008

  17. “I made some changes to the sights i’m running and also changed recoil springs … “

    Gaming bastard. 8)

    By ToddG on Oct 26, 2008

  18. lol – not a big change – kept the warren tactical rear but added a .125 dawson front, then replaced the factory recoil spring/rod with an uncaptured stainless rod with ISMI 13lb spring. It seems to work better with my current reloads that I’m shooting. If I were running duty ammo, I’d surely keep the factory set up.

    By Bryan W on Oct 26, 2008

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