Drill of the Week: Walkback Drill

22-Jun-08 – 15:32 by ToddG

Apparently, last week’s drill was not a successful one for most of you, since no one reported their results. Everyone here at pistol-training.com is very sad.

So as promised, this week we will stick with the accuracy drills. All you will need is a stack of 3×5 cards.

Put up a card at a distance of three yards. If you’re shooting a single action (SA) or striker fired action (SFA) pistol, fire five rounds at the card. If you’re shooting a doube action (DA) pistol, fire three pairs (double action followed by single action, repeat the pair twice more).

Go as slowly as you need to. If you get all your hits, put up a card at five yards and go again.

If you get all your hits, put up a card at seven yards and go again.

If you scored 100% at 7 yards, starting adding one yard at a time, repeating the drill at each distance.

Let us know how far you go before you miss a shot. My personal best with my M&P9 shooting factory practice ammo is 5-for-5 at 21yd. Since the ammo groups around 3″ at 25yd, this is reaching the limit of the gun/ammo combo’s performance … or at least that’s the excuse I use when I drop a shot at 22yd. 8)

Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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  2. i wanted to try the last drill you had up but it would have been pointless since i can’t see 25 yards without my glasses. i did try this drill though i got some strange looks when i was sending a target down range with cards taped on it. :O) i didn’t do “too” bad, shooting a m&p 45 with 230gr wwb and without my glasses i could do pretty consistent hits up to and at 15 yards. anything past that is when i start having issues with focusing my eyes properly. the cards i used weren’t actual 3X5 cards, they were the dividers in the box of 100rd winchester white box. at indoor ranges you’re very limited at the stuff you can practice. i’m not sure if i really care for this wwb stuff, i know it sounds like a bad excuse bit it seems less accurate or maybe i’m sniffing too much lead at the range?

    By David on Jun 28, 2008

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