HK45 Endurance Test: Week Fifteen

21-Jul-10 – 17:50 by ToddG

19,050 rounds

0 stoppages 0 malfunctions 0 parts breakages

Pictured above is Freyja, who as you can see has prevented anyone from shooting the pistol over the last couple of days.

Nonetheless, there was a major milestone passed over the weekend while teaching in Washington. The HK45 has now gone over 10,000 rounds without cleaning. Originally, there was no plan to do a “no cleaning” test. But as the gun kept running without a hiccup and other work prevented me from tearing it down for a good wash, the number just crept higher and higher. At a certain point, the idea of reaching ten thousand rounds just seemed like a neat goal… or at least, a goal that gave me a good excuse not to clean the pistol.

But now the torture will end, and the pistol will get cleaned before the next range trip on Friday.

Assuming Freyja says it’s ok.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 19 Responses to “HK45 Endurance Test: Week Fifteen”

  2. Malinois?

    By jellydonut on Jul 21, 2010

  3. I presume, of course, that pics of what 10,000 rounds worth of accumulated cack looks like will be posted when you tear it down for its bath…

    By Tam on Jul 21, 2010

  4. jellydonut — Yes indeed. We’re pretty excited. She’s rambunctious but very well behaved for a 7wk old puppy. She’s already learned “sit.” Press-outs and reloads are probably a few months down the road, though.

    Tam — That’s the plan, though don’t expect it to be too dramatic. There really aren’t a lot of “dirty’ spots on the gun.

    By ToddG on Jul 21, 2010

  5. Cool Trophy. But did that little thing really require such a large bullet??? BTW, who stuffed it? It really looks “alive”.

    By Stephen on Jul 21, 2010

  6. Is that a little Malinois puppy I spy?


    By KevH on Jul 21, 2010

  7. Good on you Todd!!!!!

    I cant wait to get a new pup!!!!

    Dude, come on now 10,000 rounds with out cleaning, even Im not that bad… LOL.

    By Prdator on Jul 21, 2010

  8. You will now be called a “tard” and a “nobody” in earnest over at arfcom for your abject failure to keep your weapon pristine at all times.
    Cute puppy, good name too. Wonder how chew proof the 45 is though?

    By Rob E on Jul 22, 2010

  9. You’re in trouble now, ours is 7 years old and is still a hand full. He tried to eat the neighbor dogs before work this morning.

    I keep sending the boss Malinois puppy pictures but she keeps telling me no.

    By Bryce on Jul 22, 2010

  10. Whoever helped you find that pup should get lots of free ammo :)

    She looks great! Such a rewarding breed. Nacho the Mal looks forward to meeting her.

    By LittleLebowski on Jul 22, 2010

  11. It’s a jedi mind-trick, Todd. 1st a puppy, then a whole litter of the two-legged kind. She sees you walking that little pup around the neighborhood, all of her friends start telling her how great you are with the puppy, how awesome you are going to be as a dad… Trust me, dude. resistance. is. futile.

    On the subject of the HK45, that thing needs to be nicknamed, “Zie Tank.” 10,000 rounds without cleaning is an amazing stat. I recall the P30 test with around 8000 rounds of junk accumulated…and that was filthy. The 45 just keeps chugging along.

    By Pk on Jul 22, 2010

  12. g-r-e-a-t looking pup!

    By lindertw on Jul 22, 2010

  13. Todd, Great looking little Mal. Ours is 11 years old and going strong.

    By JT45 on Jul 23, 2010

  14. Nice looking pup Todd. It looks like you and your friend have a reason to take some new training classes, the furry kind of course.

    And congrats to you and HK for hitting the 10K milestone without cleaning. Impressive.

    By marshalldodge on Jul 23, 2010

  15. Very impressive. So Todd… are you replacing the 2,000 Round Challenge with the 10,000 Round Challenge? (I kid, I kid)

    By Will on Jul 23, 2010

  16. And cute pup. I can just see her being the “complaint department” when you’re not available. lol

    By Will on Jul 23, 2010

  17. Cute pup Todd!

    By MW on Jul 23, 2010

  18. Cute MaliNut. She’s got that “I am going to cause a lot of trouble as soon as you look away” glint in her eye…..

    By Matt on Jul 24, 2010

  19. Any Updates on the Warren sight? Would love to see a pic or two…

    By MW on Aug 7, 2010

  20. It is the best pistol in the world !
    I am pleased with my P30 L ( 40 Cal )I will purchase a 45C this week.

    By Erick on Oct 30, 2011

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