Details on Glock ATF Contract Released

8-Sep-10 – 11:28 by ToddG

OK, so now it’s public: the Glocks on the ATF contract are the Gen4 G22 and the G27. I actually had the first Gen4 G22’s in the country in my hand before there had even been a public announcement that such a thing existed. At right is a photo I took back in November 2009 on my iPhone, and which has been kept locked in a secret location until today.

Glock published a press release today, which was quoted in a number of places including the Boston Business Journal:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) awarded GLOCK Inc. a 10-year contract worth up to $40 million.

The deal makes available for the first time the GLOCK 22 Gen4 and GLOCK 27 .40 caliber pistols to all ATF agents, Smyrna, Ga.-based GLOCK said.

“GLOCK was chosen over others due to the new design features of the Gen4 pistol and GLOCK’s Safe Action System, as well as reliability and durability that have made GLOCK pistols famous,” said GLOCK Vice President Josh Dorsey, in a news release.

GLOCK said 65 percent of law enforcement agencies nationwide use the company’s weapons.

No press release from S&W yet, at least not that I could find. I’d expect them to have one out by the end of the day, though, and possibly with greater detail about the testing procedure, etc.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

  1. 12 Responses to “Details on Glock ATF Contract Released”

  2. What are they using for sights?

    By Ariel Weisberg on Sep 8, 2010

  3. Yuck.

    By gtmtnbiker98 on Sep 8, 2010

  4. Is this the new “Glock and Wesson 45MM FPO”?

    I think Esquire might need your consulting help…


    Lastly: Wow, the DEA Agent keeps sweeping her hand!

    By Less on Sep 8, 2010

  5. So Todd what is your opinion on the new glocks?

    By Fank on Sep 8, 2010

  6. Warren sights?

    By JSGlock34 on Sep 8, 2010

  7. Is this leading up to the next test?
    If so, I put my guess in now for free something,a hat and tee will do.

    By Joe on Sep 8, 2010

  8. The Gen 4 G22 is without a doubt my Favorite Glock!! I’d love to see a test on one Todd!!! Think you can get Glcok to play??

    By Prdator on Sep 8, 2010

  9. “… chosen over the others…”?

    Two of three guns entered were given contracts.

    Does this mean ATF has chosen Glocks over S&Ws, or is it just sloppy PR writing?

    By MikeO on Sep 9, 2010

  10. S&W and Glock were both chosen over SIG, which was the third manufacturer.

    By JSGlock34 on Sep 9, 2010

  11. Todd,
    The agency I work for is transitioning from the Glock 19 to the Glock 23. Our contracting officer tells us that we’re getting Gen 4 Glock 23. I knew about Gen4 22s but nothing about Gen4 23s. Is Glock making them now, or is our contracting officer just blowing smoke?

    By Damon on Sep 10, 2010

  12. The new GSSF Glock report had an article about the new 19 and 23 Gen4s are available now. I just got the magazine on Friday.

    By Del on Sep 11, 2010

  13. The Gen4 19s have been out for a few months. The 23s are NOT out yet.

    By Dav on Sep 21, 2010

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