HK45 Endurance Test: Week Twenty Four

22-Sep-10 – 11:16 by ToddG

34,257 rounds

0 stoppages 1 (*) malfunctions 0 parts breakages

Week Twenty Four was fairly quiet, with fewer rounds downrange than planned unfortunately.

At the Appendix Carry Workshop on Saturday we shot a modified version of Dave Sevigny’s famous Catch-22 drill. In keeping with the day’s lessons, all the draws were done from concealment. The strong- and weak-hand only strings were shot without the use of the other hand at all, from the draw until the plate dropped.

My score was 40.37. This was actually the first time I’ve run the drill in that manner, so there is no baseline for comparison. My two-handed draws averaged 1.61; best was 1.36, worst was 2.30 (with a miss on the first shot). Strong hand only averaged 2.34; best was 1.82, worst was 3.30 (missed first two). Weak hand only averaged 4.12; best was 3.11, worst was 5.89 (multiple misses). Next time, I’ll remember to track how many total rounds were needed to get all fifteen hits.

As mentioned last week, at A.C.W. I also had a chance to shoot the F.A.S.T. for the first time in almost a month. With only one run to demo for students, I turned in a 5.04 (clean). The dedicated practice I’ve put into low probability shots definitely helped, with two nearly-touching bullet holes in the center of the 3×5 card… but because I slowed down to guarantee my shots for the demo, those two hits took me more than 2.1 seconds and cost me a sub-5 run.

Finally, regarding the Warren sights: I dropped by Virginia Arms to have M4Carbine‘s gotm4 install the sights for me, only to discover that the sights won’t fit on an HK45 due to the front contour. They should fit on a P30, so I’ll probably bring one of my P30’s in soon. We’ve let Warren Tactical know about the issue.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

(thanks to Jim D at for the A.C.W. photo)

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