HK45 Endurance Test: Week Twenty Nine

26-Oct-10 – 13:09 by ToddG

41,747 rounds

1 stoppages 1 (*) malfunctions 1 parts breakages

Over two thousands rounds through the gun last week put us well over the 40,000 point. No stoppages or problems of any kind this week.

As mentioned previously, I have begun shooting 50 F.A.S.T. drills some days during training. This is cheating. No denying it. But as I’ve already got a challenge coin, there is really nothing for me to gain. Running the drill this way is helping me build a database on some raw numbers that I’m interested in, especially to compare to other test guns in the future. Still, only the first three runs of the day ever count toward what I consider my personal best, etc. The first three are legit. Everything after that is just data.

20-Oct 22-Oct 25-Oct
Average (total) 5.72 5.78 5.45
Average (raw time) 5.12 4.84 4.79
Best run 4.65 4.48 4.41
Worst run 7.31 9,52 8.94
Head hits 87% 81% 87%
Body hits 98.3% 95.5% 98.3%
Draw (avg) 1.56 1.53 1.52
Head split (avg) 0.63 0.49 0.51
Reload (avg) 2.09 2.05 2.02
Body splits (avg) 0.28 0.26 0.25

(not that it makes a big difference, but I shot all of these using 3×5 cards for the head and 5×8 cards for the body, so the body zone was a little smaller than normal)

The most glaring issue that I’ve noticed: fumbled reloads. Times have varied wildly, from a best (during the F.A.S.T. runs) of 1.77 to a worst of 3.58! Obviously I’m pushing myself to go faster than normal during this exercise, but the number of flubbed reloads is approaching 10%. Most of the fumbles are occurring at the mag well, and I catch myself looking at the target instead of the gun. Combined with the huge bulky HK45 mags, it makes for interesting moments.

The first three runs of each day, though, I shoot the drill normally without pushing as hard. My best score (from the first three “legitimate” runs) each day were:

  • 20-Oct, 4.65 (clean): 1.45, .55 / 1.89 / 0.26, 0.25, 0.25
  • 22-Oct, 4.93 (clean): 1.58, 0.44 / 2.17(f) / 0.25, 0.25, 0.24
  • 25-Oct, 4.72 (clean): 1.51, 0.48 / 2.00 / 0.24, 0.24, 0.25

The middle day (22-Oct) was the only time when two of the first three were clean under five.

Enough about me. What about the gun?

The recoil continues to take its toll. I shot 651 rounds yesterday afternoon, and now almost 24 hours later I’ve still got some pain in the joints of my fingers. This has clearly been a cumulative thing. At the beginning of the test it was no big deal. Now, extended practice sessions are much less fun. And an “extended practice session” with the .45 is 651 rounds, whereas there were days I put over 2,000 rounds through the P30 and never even noticed. I miss the P30.

Reliability has been incredible. It’s been 10,181 rounds since the last time I cleaned the HK45 (I know, I suck). I lube the rails and barrel hood with Militec every couple thousand rounds, and that’s it. (I managed to lose my bottle of Slipstream, I doubly suck)

Accuracy has been great, though I haven’t benched the pistol since it’s been so dirty. That has kept me from testing the Asym Ammunition we were sent. (can one actually triply suck?) Cleaning the pistol is on the list of chores between now and tomorrow night, and testing that Asym ammo is a commitment I’m making. Expect to see results next week.

This weekend the pistol will be in Phoenix for another Aim Fast, Hit Fast class. Tom Jones will be there, too, finishing up his second month of 365 Days of No-Excuses Training.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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    1. 11 Responses to “HK45 Endurance Test: Week Twenty Nine”

    2. Hey Todd I have followed this HK45 test since it has started since I own a HK45c. What intervals do you clean the gun at? Also what intervals do you just do a simple field strip vs detail strip? What does your typical cleaning look like? I ask because there sometimes seems to be two schools of thought. One side seems that the gun should always be cleaned after every range session and kept that way. The other side seems that they only clean there guns when issues start showing themselves and that cleaning to often will wear out the barrel and gun faster then actually shooting it. I find most fall between these two ideas. I just want to get your opinion since you obviously do alot more shooting then most.

      On a separate note, I appreciate the information and knowledge you pass on to all of us following.

      By Evan on Oct 26, 2010

    3. Todd what is the difference between the hk45 us made and hk45 german ?

      By dj on Oct 26, 2010

    4. Todd’s cleaning regimen is actually a well designed (by NASA space shuttle techs actually) system. He waits until his embarrassment level reaches a peak, then he cleans. Apparently this is related to his level of “suck” in this case “3”. A “4” may be obtained by the gun seizing up and failing to function at all, but I’m not sure, that may actually create a negative level of suck.

      Todd, have you thought about using a recoil glove during extended sessions of shooting? Might be a good time to see if any of those products actually work. Failing that I would definitely be using your medical package and talking to a sports therapist about possible ways to help your joints out. You certainly don’t want to see any permanent damage from this test.

      By Rob E on Oct 26, 2010

    5. Evan — Cleaning the gun after every use is certainly a good, safe approach. You absolutely will not wear the gun out no matter how many times you perform a standard (field strip) cleaning unless you put incorrect stress on something during the process. Your gun doesn’t need to be cleaned that often, but you won’t hurt it if you decide to follow that school of thought.

      I’ll field strip the gun unless I need to do parts replacement at the same time, in which case I’ll detail strip.

      dj — The only difference between German- and US-made HK45 pistols is the proof marking. HK Germany played a major (one might even say heavy handed) role in establishing all of the production and quality control procedures for the U.S. operation to guarantee absolute adherence to the same standards in the German factory.

      By ToddG on Oct 27, 2010

    6. Todd,

      Do you atleast clean the barrel? Isn’t dangerous to shoot 1000’s of rounds without cleaning the barrel?

      By baryon on Oct 27, 2010

    7. baryon — No, I don’t clean the barrel any more often than I clean the gun. No, it doesn’t create any hazard unless you’re shooting unjacketed lead, which I never do.

      By ToddG on Oct 27, 2010

    8. Todd,

      I really like at the numbers on the FAST.
      My realoads are not near as far off as I thought. I was running right at 2 sec the other day.

      By Prdator on Oct 27, 2010

    9. Seriously Todd, be careful with the hands. Keep this pace up and one day you’ll be like me, arthritis in the hands, seriously F’d up shooting side elbow, etc.

      By Chuck Haggard on Oct 29, 2010

    10. Chuck — if my fate is to end up just like you, I’ll consider myself most fortunate!

      By ToddG on Oct 29, 2010

    11. You’re just being nice. No one, I mean no one, wants to end up fat, bald and busted up.

      But I appreciate the thought.

      By Chuck Haggard on Oct 29, 2010

    12. fat = recoil compensating, bald = no more barbers, busted up = a life filled with adventure (at least this is what I’ve been told)

      By Rob Engh on Oct 29, 2010

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