HK45 Endurance Test: Week Thirty Three

24-Nov-10 – 12:11 by ToddG

47,410 rounds

1 stoppages 1 (*) malfunctions 1 parts breakages

As some of you may have noticed, we didn’t manage to post an update last week. We’re back on track and, as  you can see, just a little over 2,500 rounds from the final shot!

There have been no stoppages or problems to report. The gun has not been cleaned — and only oiled once — since the last report. The gun spent a lot of time on dusty, dry ranges in both Los Angeles and Virginia. In fact, this past Saturday a few friends got together for an informal practice session in Culpeper and 1,015 rounds were fired through the HK45 on that one day. Some video should be coming soon.

Another bit of shooting from this past week came from a thread at FT&T that inspired me to do a little test with the HK45. Using an NRA B-16 target, I timed how fast I could get my hits at varying accuracy standards. These were all 10-shot groups fired at 10 yards from concealment (Garrity In-Victus AIWB underneath an untucked polo shirt).

5-ring (9 5/8″): 3.87 seconds
6-ring (7 1/8″): 4.89 seconds
7-ring (5 1/4″): 7.50 seconds
8-ring (4 1/2″): 7.86 seconds
10-ring (1 1/2″): 47.57 seconds

The 6-ring group was shot cold with my carry ammo (Winchester 230gr Ranger). The 10-ring group needed to be shot twice, as I dropped two shots on my first attempt (in 30-something seconds). The results were pretty interesting and clearly demonstrate the relationship between marksmanship and speed.

While it’s a week late, we promised you a big announcement and here it is: Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn generously spent almost two hours on the phone with me last week discussing the history of the HK45 from concept through prototype to current production. That “interview” will be coming soon to There are some pretty fascinating tidbits and, of course, both Larry’s and Ken’s candid thoughts on the final product that came from their concept proposal years ago.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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    1. 11 Responses to “HK45 Endurance Test: Week Thirty Three”

    2. Todd, any idea or thoughts on what the next gun will be? seeing as this test only has a few weeks left im assuming?

      By david on Nov 24, 2010

    3. Maybe the new Smith&Weston .410 1911? 😉 Seriously – I’m really looking forward to KH’s and LAV’s thoughts on the HK45.

      By MDS on Nov 24, 2010

    4. Can’t wait to read that interview!

      By F-Trooper05 on Nov 24, 2010

    5. @david, seeing how Todd can put 2500 round through the gun in a week’s time, I’m guessing the next update on this would be the last one.

      I’ve fallen in love with this gun but we down in South Africa can’t seem to get our hands on it. :(

      our local agents ship in from Germany and they can’t supply us with the HK45.

      By lin on Nov 25, 2010

    6. Also I’m guessing the next test pistol will be a 9×19 again. Give the man’s hands a bit of rest from the heavy recoil. :)

      By lin on Nov 25, 2010

    7. How about a Glock for the next one? I’ve been wondering how a Glock would hold up to the high fire rate you put your guns through.

      By Isaac on Nov 25, 2010

    8. Maybe he can get CZ-USA to offer him a heater… 😉

      By Tam on Nov 25, 2010

    9. Actually, a Gen 4 Glock 19 or 17 might be a good choice. I am curious about how durable the new controls are and how well the new slides will hold up since they no longer Tenifer.

      By ATL on Nov 25, 2010

    10. That would be an excellent choice. So how PERFECTION holds up.

      I’ve been waiting for a long time now for somebody to put that reputation to the test. These torture test you see online is not a true reflection. Use like this is what I want to see. Because I’ll never run over my guns or drop them from a chopper.

      I would love to see how the Gen 4 holds up. From what I’ve seen locally the Gen 4’s recoil assembly doesn’t hold up well at all.

      By lin on Nov 25, 2010

    11. Does anyone know if the hk45c is just as reliable as it’s big brother?

      By Extreme0327 on Nov 25, 2010

    12. @Extreme0327, the HK45c is mechanically the same gun, just different dimensions and frame geometry. I own both and prefer the 45c.

      By gtmtnbiker98 on Nov 26, 2010

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