Drill of the Week: Deceleration

27-Jul-08 – 21:30 by ToddG

Following the same thought pattern of the last two DotW (Acceleration and Pyramid), this week we’re going to work on speed without getting out of control. For this, we’ll use the Deceleration Drill.

You’ll need two targets, one large (like a sheet of paper or an 8″ plate) and the other smaller (like a 3×5 card). Distance is seven yards.

Starting from a ready position, shoot a 5-shot string at the large target as fast as you can get your hits. Really push yourself! If possible, use a shot timer to record your time. Repeat this part of the drill three more times, and keep trying to go a little faster than last time without dropping shots.

After you’ve shot four fast strings, fire a slow 5-shot group at the little target. Focus on getting maximum accuracy. ┬áIf you made all five hits on the small card at 7yd, repeat the drill. This time, try to be even faster on the large target, and try to get an even smaller group on the small target.

If you don’t make all five hits on the small card, bring the target back to 5yd and start the drill from scratch. Once you’ve gone 5-for-5 on the little card, try the drill at 7yd again.

The purpose of the drill is to exercise discipline, both mental and physical. When we are rocking and rolling along at warp speed we often get out of control because we can afford to … little mistakes won’t keep you from hitting a big target up close. But, the faster we shoot the more control we tend to give up until we’re just making brass and point shooting little bursts at easy targets. With the Deceleration drill, you work on speed but come back down to Earth every couple of minutes to make sure you haven’t thrown away all your marksmanship fundamentals.

Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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