26-Feb-11 – 14:40 by ToddG

With all the focus this week on getting up and running, I never got a chance to mention: had its 2,000,000th visitor on Tuesday 22-Feb. All I can say is thank you to all the contributors and readers who’ve made this a success.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. Very cool and congratulations. The site is an incredible resource, I recommend it often and get tons of feedback from those I refer about how much they get out of it.

    By Richv on Feb 26, 2011

  3. Congrats!

    This is one of my very favorite no-BS firearms sites on the intertubes.

    By Tam on Feb 26, 2011

  4. Awesome! What did I win?

    By David on Feb 26, 2011

  5. and… your welcome.

    By ctr on Feb 27, 2011

  6. Pistol-training has been a great source of information that I can trust. I will definitely check out pistol-forum.

    By Isaac on Feb 27, 2011

  7. Thanks for one of the best shooting websites on the net. I don’t post much but visit daily and have already joined the forum. Keep up the great work!

    By mongooseman on Mar 1, 2011

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