Next Year’s Torture Test

8-Jun-11 – 12:24 by ToddG

All it needs is a Gadget:

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  1. 16 Responses to “Next Year’s Torture Test”

  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

    By Chris C on Jun 8, 2011

  3. Hey!

    By Rob Engh on Jun 8, 2011

  4. I wonder if it can shoot more than 62 rounds out of the box without a stoppage. 😉

    By Greg on Jun 8, 2011

  5. Do you think we can get a group forum discount if we each buy one?? 😉

    By BaiHu on Jun 8, 2011

  6. Yet another example of someone with too much time on his hands!!!!!

    By The Fish on Jun 8, 2011

  7. Love the bit with the “typhoon”!

    By Slappy on Jun 8, 2011

  8. 4 minutes and 57 seconds of my life that I will never get back.

    By John on Jun 8, 2011

  9. Not nearly as awesome as their Ninja AK ! :-)

    By Calimero on Jun 8, 2011

  10. I have two of these, what’s the big deal?

    By chuck on Jun 8, 2011

  11. The bayonet would be a great addition to this;-)

    By frank b on Jun 9, 2011

  12. A spare ninja hood in case yours gets sweaty…

    By Lomshek on Jun 9, 2011

  13. But does it come with the special boots that allow me to walk up walls?

    By ExurbanKevin on Jun 13, 2011

  14. A true ninja wouldn’t need special boots…

    By ToddG on Jun 13, 2011

  15. Next year’s Gen5 will supposedly come with a duct tape dispenser for affixing additional trauma plates to your back.

    By Tam on Jun 13, 2011

  16. It must have been hard to top the beginning, where he talks about being able to attach the pouch to an arrow and shoot it to another ninja in a tree somewhere. That was hysterical.


    By Speakertweaker on Jun 13, 2011

  17. You know if John Moses Browning was alive today he would have invented like five of those things!

    By ATL on Jun 13, 2011

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