Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 27

22-Sep-11 – 09:50 by ToddG
36,525 rounds 8 stoppages
(+1 w/non-LCI extractor)
0 malfunctions 0 parts breakages

Perhaps the most interesting thing this week for readers is that I blew away my personal F.A.S.T. record with this run Wednesday:

  • 4.02 (clean): 1.36, .38 / 1.71 / .21, .17, .19

It was my third try at the end of the day, so definitely not a cold run by any means. The first try was a 4.24 (clean) and the second was also 4.02 but with a head shot miss. Previous best with the G17 was 4.22 and and overall best (with the P30 back in March’10) of 4.08 seconds. And to think, six months ago there were people shouting that the whole G17 test here at was just a publicity stunt to make Glock look bad. I’m sure they’ll be issuing formal retractions any day now…

Much more interesting to me, the first prototype Gadget has been retired. It reached 30,000 rounds and still looks almost new. There’s really no telling how much farther it could have gone, but at this point we’re more interested in seeing that multiple units can exceed our 20,000rd goal. So another prototype from the same batch is on the test gun now. It had already seen over 2,300 rounds on other guns and is well past 3,000 at this point. I’d like to get it to at least 20k before SHOT Show in January.

Prepping for this weekend’s Speed Kills class in Indiana, I shot JodyH’s 99 Drill with a disappointing 88 score. Six of the eleven points dropped were on the third string (3 shots on 3×5 at 10yd in 3.5 seconds). But the worst miss was on String 1 (3 shots on 3×5 at 7yd in 2.5 seconds) where I anticipated a shot so badly that I’m lucky China hasn’t declared it an act of war.

Another test that has found its way into my drill list comes from Chris Edwards of GLOCK Professional, Inc. It’s his take on Claude Werner‘s “5×5” (which was inspired by Gila Hayes‘s “5×4” and the motivation for the recent “5 Challenge” at and Essentially, the drill works like this:

  1. 5 shots from concealment, freestyle (2H)
  2. 5 shots from concealment, SHO
  3. 5 shots from ready, WHO
  4. 5 shots from concealment, SHO
  5. 5 shots from concealment, freestyle (2H)

Target is a 5″ circle at five yards. The goal is to shoot all five strings in less than five seconds each. My total time was 15.5 seconds with all twenty-five hits.

As mentioned above, this weekend the G17 will be in Indiana for a Speed Kills/Get SOM combo class. See you next week!

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 3 Responses to “Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 27”

  2. Back when you announced the Gen 4 G17 I was excited to see how it would take the long term pounding and how FAST you could shoot it. Reliability wasn’t a question to me personally as it was clear there were problems out there and equally clear we have four excellent specimens here. When you post these smokin’ FAST times I feel quite self satisfied 😉 about the platforms shootability for such. And when you shoot those “disappointing” 99 drill scores, I also totally relate as that sort of extended precision is challenging with this guns trigger. You have the configuration you like, fine. But that sure doesn’t sound like a config that makes it very easy to shoot a 99. Excellent report.

    By JHC on Sep 22, 2011

  3. Before visiting this website, my impression of firearms instructors and other professional shooters was of steely eyed leathery gunfighters that might drop a shot an inch or so on a bad day. And be REALLY pissed about it! Thanks for letting us know that even the most accomplished shooters are human. It makes my misses a lot more palatable.

    By mongooseman on Sep 22, 2011

  4. Mongooseman –

    I think we all have our perspective scewed from watching Jason Bourne make head shots one handed while doing back flips.

    Reality is that it takes a great deal of focus, trigger control and visual patience to make consistently great shots.

    At least Todd IS human, although he will be breaking the 4.0 barrier soon and we will have to re-evaluate.

    By JohnR on Sep 23, 2011

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