Two Added & Two Promoted on F.A.S.T. Wall

15-Oct-11 – 23:19 by ToddG

We had quite a day in Culpeper, Virginia today during a private event. Four of the ten participants walked away with new spots on the F.A.S.T. Wall:

  • Chris Rhines was promoted to Expert¬†with a clean 4.41 run, the fastest time ever on the Wall.
  • Josh Savani was promoted to Expert with a clean 4.86.
  • Jim Santoro earned an Advanced rating with a clean run of 6.53.
  • LilLebowski earned an Advanced rating with a 6.54 seconds clean.

Congratulations to all four of you on an excellent performance!

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

  1. 17 Responses to “Two Added & Two Promoted on F.A.S.T. Wall”

  2. If it weren’t for the fact that LL is among the folks that helped push me to get better, I’d say something like “In yo FACE!” over that .01sec…. :)

    Congrats to all, and thanks to Todd for being such a big part of making this happen.

    By JMS on Oct 15, 2011

  3. Congrats guys!

    I bet LL is happy.

    By SecondsCount (the other Corey) on Oct 15, 2011

  4. fantastic job guys, looks like Virginia has some great shooters!

    By cct125us on Oct 16, 2011

  5. Thanks to all.

    I can almost taste that coin…

    By Chris Rhines on Oct 16, 2011

  6. Nice Job guys!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris, slow down a bit and WIN a COIN!!!!

    By Prdator on Oct 16, 2011

  7. “Chris, slow down a bit and WIN a COIN!!!!”

    … said the pot to the kettle. 8)

    By ToddG on Oct 16, 2011

  8. Santoro, I am going to feed marbles to cats, place the cats in a bag, and beat you with them. I will find you in your cushy lair of Cheetos and filth; I will not rest until vengeance has been exacted.

    By LittleLebowski on Oct 16, 2011

  9. Mmmmm… Cheetos!

    By ToddG on Oct 16, 2011

  10. Nice work guys!

    By Dropkick on Oct 16, 2011

  11. That’s quite an impressive showing, gents. Congratulations on your respective achievements.

    LL, the next challenge – for all – is F.A.S.T. after 1 km swim, draw from appendix holster tucked into Speedos [long pause for a visual right now].

    Let’s see how all of these hotshots will do.

    By YK on Oct 16, 2011

  12. I do have a pic of me treading water with an RPK over my head when I was in the Corps….

    By LittleLebowski on Oct 16, 2011

  13. Congrats to everyone. Great job LL, it is always satisfying when hard work pays off. Let’s see how soon we can both get under 6 seconds.

    By Corey on Oct 17, 2011

  14. Nice work. It’s getting crowded up there.

    By MikeBrook on Oct 17, 2011

  15. Damn Chris, nicely done! Great job to the other guys as well!

    By Jay Cunningham on Oct 18, 2011

  16. Damn. Chris is getting frickin’ scary

    By Tam on Oct 18, 2011

  17. That’s Fritos and filth, you troglodyte!

    By JMS on Oct 19, 2011

  18. Great job Lil! Now its time to break the 5 sec barrier….

    By Patrick on Oct 25, 2011

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