1-Nov-11 – 13:45 by ToddG

This is why I don’t.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. That’s one bad @ssed crew there!

    By Charles on Nov 1, 2011

  3. I never thought I’d actually see a mall ninja in the wild, let alone four of them!

    (note, you need to be signed in to pistol-forum.com to view the pic)

    By Dan W on Nov 1, 2011

  4. I can’t find the LIKE button on your site!

    By TAP on Nov 1, 2011

  5. Dog The Bounty Hunter called, he needs his posse back…

    By Mike on Nov 1, 2011

  6. Inbreeding does funny things. I like how they have the black tacticool look, but none of them could probably run a mile in anything less than a half an hour. Pretty pathetic.

    By Long Tom Coffin on Nov 1, 2011

  7. WOW that must be some of Albuquerques finest!!!

    By Jimmy Creed on Nov 1, 2011

  8. Human Targets!

    By Randori on Nov 1, 2011

  9. Hey! Why are you pointing your gun at my head?

    By Jim C. on Nov 1, 2011

  10. Does this mean twitter is out too?

    By Jon on Nov 1, 2011

  11. Picture not showing up for me on two different comupters.

    By Brian on Nov 1, 2011

  12. I think I see a hi-point.

    By Nephrology on Nov 1, 2011

  13. The image isn’t showing up for people who are not logged into the forum, as it is a protected link to pistol-forum.com.

    By Brandon on Nov 1, 2011

  14. Do I see a SERPA???

    By Nick on Nov 1, 2011

  15. From Left to Right:
    Kid Rock, Rosie O’Donnell, Sara Gilbert and Vin Diesel

    Supporting cast of BAD BOYS III

    By Jeff H on Nov 1, 2011

  16. SEAL Team Negative 6

    By Mitchell, Esq. on Nov 1, 2011

  17. Spot the gun culture in jokes!

    By Joe in PNG on Nov 1, 2011

  18. HOLY SH*T

    That’s a lot of kudzu.

    By Dave on Nov 1, 2011

  19. Second one from the left, she is a member of Meal Team Six.

    By Tom on Nov 2, 2011

  20. was this a group shot of a recent AFHF class?

    By Chris on Nov 2, 2011

  21. After months of following this site daily I finally joined just to see this picture. I got my money’s worth!

    By one on Nov 2, 2011

  22. Tom +1000

    By JConn on Nov 2, 2011

  23. When it has to be killed right freakin’ now…

    By SteveK on Nov 3, 2011

  24. The gun handling skills are STRONG with this crew!!!

    By Nick Drakulich on Nov 3, 2011

  25. WOW. As a Professional Armed Security Officer, I hereby denounce any and all affliation with these wannabes. Truly scary. OH Now I get it! Nice Halloween costumes.

    By Mark on Nov 3, 2011

  26. I love every single second I spent viewing that picture.

    Fuck yeah.

    By Bobby on Nov 5, 2011

  27. Whats the name of the company or Facebook page?

    By abom334 on Nov 21, 2011

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