Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 38

17-Dec-11 – 12:54 by ToddG
52,426 rounds 9 stoppages
(+1 w/non-LCI extractor)
0 malfunctions 1 parts breakages

Noting unusual to report with the gun this week.

In terms of shooting, my best F.A.S.T. for the week was a 4.27 clean. But it’s more interesting to note my cold (first shots of the day) scores, which were 5.39 (clean) and 5.27 (clean), both shooting the Federal P9HST3 that I use as my carry ammo. The biggest difference between my cold runs and my warm runs is the reload; I need to get better at pulling a sub-2 second reload on demand cold.

For those of you who don’t read, this past week I got into a long assessment of various small details related to the press-out. I’ve still not come to a definitive conclusion but the side result is that I spent quite a bit of time working on drawing to low% targets at speed. This in turn led to some pretty respectable scores on various drills.

For instance, I ran the iHack¬†(indoor version of the Hackathorn 3-Second Head Shot Standards, using three 2″ circles on the Q-PT target instead of widely spaced 6×6 head boxes) and scored a perfect nine on three of the five runs, dropping only four total points out of 45. It’s usually a complete toss-up as to whether I get a passing score of 7 or not. I also scored a 94 on the 99 Drill. While that’s not earth shattering, I cleaned the first string of fire (3 on 3×5 at 7yd from concealment in 2.5 seconds) which is unusual for me. If not for some mental errors during the second string of fire, I probably would have set a personal best. My 2012 goal of scoring a perfect 99 is definitely within my grasp.

I also shot the Drill of the Week, “Bullseye Three Way.” My score was a 285-11X. This was shot with the 124gr +p HST from Federal (P9HST3), too.

The G17 is due for a parts replacement cycle, just the recoil spring assembly but I’ll probably clean the gun altogether just for good measure. It’s been less than 3,000 rounds since the last cleaning, though… seems almost silly.

Next week should be relatively busy as I’ll be receiving the Crimson Trace LG-850 Lasergrips for the gen4 G17 courtesy of Caleb at GunNuts. It will be interesting to see how the laser works for me after a three year hiatus.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 12 Responses to “Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 38”

  2. Todd, do you have any detail pictures of how you hold the G17 to avoid riding the slide release? I’m having failure to lockback on ~90% of my reloads.

    By Omenator on Dec 17, 2011

  3. Will the lasergrips be replacing the Grip force adapter then?

    By Paul on Dec 17, 2011

  4. Omenator — Riding the slide release is a 3-dimensional problem and best resolved by one on one interaction with a qualified instructor.

    Paul — If the LG-850s do everything the GFA does plus give me a reliable, durable laser aiming capability… yes!

    By ToddG on Dec 18, 2011

  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply Todd :)

    By Omenator on Dec 18, 2011

  6. Of all the drills I’ve seen you do on this site, this one is the most impressive to me, personally.

    That’s amazing with any pistol, but particularly with a Glock.

    By Mitch on Dec 19, 2011

  7. Let me add:

    This should be a discussion-ender for any “Glocks aren’t accurate” dialogue.

    By Mitch on Dec 19, 2011

  8. Mitch,

    Not to disparage Todd’s shooting… but you should check out what Bullseye shooters can do. The first two groups would be competitive at the national level, when fired slow fire at *50* yards. (The same sized target is used for 50 yard slowfire, but the 8 ring is black on the 50 yard version–rings are the same size, though)

    Anyway, I find it very impressive to see what good shooters in other disciplines can do. I’m a rifle shooter (a silly-coat wearing one, at that–where “rapid fire” is 10 shots in 60 or 70 seconds), so I find myself very impressed with what skilled practical/action shooters can do, (Heck, or what bullseye shooters do), since it’s so different from the game I play.

    By AughtSix on Dec 20, 2011

  9. Todd:

    What typically is is the time for your first two head shots?

    By Marty Hayes on Dec 20, 2011

  10. AughtSix — Damn skippy! I said much the same on the DotW thread at PF. Top level bullseye shooters would scoff at that score. Heck, they’d scoff at the fact I used two hands for the first string. 8)

    Marty — For the F.A.S.T. you mean? Ideally, under two seconds.

    By ToddG on Dec 20, 2011

  11. Yes, thanks Todd. What do you find is the difference in time when going from your sweatshirt appendix carry, to a behind the hip, concealed IDPA carry?

    By Marty Hayes on Dec 20, 2011

  12. Marty — It’s been a very long time since I’ve compared since I literally never carry behind the hip anymore. I don’t even think I have a traditional IWB holster for my Glock. But I’d estimate it’s about 0.1-0.15 for me and around 0.25 for the average student.

    By ToddG on Dec 20, 2011

  13. I stumbled over to that after writing my comment…

    In related news, how do I register on the pistol-training forum? The system thinks I’m spam. (I get a different error when I intentionally fail the turing test, so it’s not that I’m getting the question wrong)

    In any event, y’all have inspired me to get over to the range tomorrow to embarrass myself with a pistol…

    By AughtSix on Dec 20, 2011

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