Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 41

7-Jan-12 – 17:37 by ToddG

54,460 rounds 9 stoppages
(+1 w/non-LCI extractor)
0 malfunctions 1 parts breakages

Much of this week was spent trying new gear.

While picking up some spare maintenance items at I came across the Brass Stacker Reserve Round (Glockparts catalog link here). It’s a solid steel floorplate that comes with a metal locking plate and ISMI magazine spring. Weighing three quarters of an ounce more than the regular floorplate, it theoretically helps magazines drop free. But the biggest benefit is that without any significant change to the overall size of the magazine, the Reserve Round increases the magazine’s capacity by one.

While one round obviously isn’t a gigantic increase, would you go out and buy a 16rd G17 magazine? Probably not. One more is still better than one less. And from a training standpoint, being able to load 18 at a time into the gun is nice for a number of exercises like the Bill Drill.

I grabbed two of them and will use them during practice for the next few months to evaluate how well they hold up compared to stock floorplates and springs. For now, they are solely for range use.

Brass Stacker on top Brass Stacker on left

I also gave the Ghost Ultimate connector a try momentarily this week. Not a fan.

It reduced trigger pull significantly, taking the G17 from 5? pounds to 4? pounds, a difference of ¾ pound. In fact it was so light that initially I decided not to try it live fire. But the Crimson Trace LG-850 Lasergrip is wide enough that it noticeably hinders my leverage on the trigger, so I decided to give it a whirl. My friend joshs tried it and remarked on the lack of perceptible reset. Undeterred, I decided to do some group shooting. The trigger breaks very abruptly compared to the nice roll of the Lone Wolf 3.5 connector that I use, and seems to break slightly farther forward as well. In addition, the reset comment by joshs proved true and the combination of imperceptible reset and different break point made resetting the gun… odd. So it came out and the LW3.5 went back in.

I also put 400 rounds through my new Glock 26. Once it’s had 500 rounds of ball ammo and another 200 rounds of JHP through it with no stoppages, it will graduate from range status to backup/NPE use.

Otherwise, most of this week was devoted to working with the Crimson Trace LG-850 Lasergrip.

Zero seems to be holding steady, though I did have to make very minor adjustments to both windage and elevation after removing and replacing the grips during the connector swaps.

I’m slowly re-acclimating to the laser. After comparing notes with joshs, I realized I was bringing the pistol to the center of my face when shooting with the laser rather than putting it in the same line from right eye to target used for iron sight shooting. The result of the misplaced gun was a tendency to send shots high and right when shooting fast. When I really focused on putting the gun where it needed to be, things went very well.

For example, just two weeks ago I tried the 99 Drill with the LG-850 and scored a disappointing 71 (-9, -2, -12, -5). This week, after about a thousand rounds of dedicated laser-sighted practice, that went up to 93 (-1, -3, -1, -1). All three of the misses on string two were the second shot after the reload, and I distinctly saw the gun centered in front of me again instead of lined up with my right eye.

I shot Press Six with the laser, as well, and scored a satisfactory 56 out of 62 (-0, -0, -1, -0, -3, -2).

Next was the iHack, which is the Drill of the Week. Compared to a score of 31 out of 36 with the iron sights, I managed only 27/36 with the laser. At five yards, the 2″ circle is difficult because the laser dot is offset from the muzzle. That results in shots going about one inch high and left. Unless I took the time to aim for the bottom right corner of the 2″ dot, I ran the risk of sending shots outside the circle.

Each day of practice this week I shot the F.A.S.T. cold three times with the laser.


  • 4.76 (clean): 1.60, .54 / 1.92 / .24, .23, .23
  • 4.89 (clean): 1.66, .47 / 1.96 / .27, .27, .26
  • 4.38 (clean): 1.39, .43 / 1.85 / .24, .23, .24


  • 6.73  (-1 head): 1.39, .48 / 2.14 / .25, .24, .23
  • 4.48 (clean): 1.42, .46 / 1.87 / .24, .25, .24
  • 4.47 (clean): 1.38, .41 / 1.99 / .24, .25, .20

As Friday’s first run proves, one disadvantage to the laser is that it’s easy to see your misses. That slowed my reload while I paused a few moments to swear at myself mentally.

Overall, I remain happy with the LG-850. I do wish it wasn’t affecting my trigger pull so much, but hopefully that is something that can be fixed over time. It’s also reinforcing my experience from previous years of laser use, which is that shooting well with the laser requires extra time and effort, not less time and effort.

See you next week!

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 13 Responses to “Glock 17 gen4 Endurance Test: Week 41”

  2. How often do you experience problems with mags sticking upon release? I remember you’d reported it once during a FAST run. When I shot Glock, I experienced it a few timea and was thinking about heavier baseplates. The price seems ridiculous to me, but maybe I am cheap…

    By YK on Jan 7, 2012

  3. How are you liking the gloves?

    By AdamG on Jan 7, 2012

  4. What gloves are these?

    By GJM on Jan 8, 2012

  5. The gloves just arrived and I haven’t shot with them yet. They’re the new (upcoming) “Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves” from P.I.G. and SKD Tactical.

    By ToddG on Jan 8, 2012

  6. Just ordered the LW 3.5 this weekend, having looked at the Ghost and just not having a good feeling about starting with that one. Glad to hear I made the right choice there, even if it was just a FUD based decision. I’ve used Lone Wolf stuff already. I know nothing about Ghost.

    By Laughingdog on Jan 9, 2012

  7. Careful when ordering the Brass Stacker Reserve Round from They come in “F” full size (G17), “C” subcompact (G19) and “S” compact. [Length of mag spring is different.] only has “F” even though I specified a “C” when ordering.

    By Halodog on Jan 12, 2012

  8. Correction – “C” stands for compact (G19), “S” is for subcompact.

    By Halodog on Jan 12, 2012

  9. What type of knife is that?

    By Paul on Jan 13, 2012

  10. Paul — It’s a Clinch Pick.

    By ToddG on Jan 14, 2012

  11. I would think those baseplates would also be more durable than the factory ones? not that they break that often, but if you train indoors a lot they do tend to fail regularly.

    By Rob Engh on Jan 14, 2012

  12. Robbie — I’ve yet to have one of the plastic ones break and almost all of my practice is on a hard indoor range floor.

    By ToddG on Jan 14, 2012

  13. Thank you. Looks like a nice size knife. I’ll check it out.

    By Paul on Jan 15, 2012

  14. Todd,
    Went to the range today with a Brass Stacker base plate (for G19). So here’s my review.
    Couldn’t get the mag to hold more than the std. 15 rounds. (Dimensionally I don’t see how it could.) Don’t like the steel they used for the insert that replaces the Glock plastic insert. Metal is too ductile and bends during installation. As for the weight of the base plate impacting mag changes – negligable. IMO -save your $35.

    By Halodog on Jan 15, 2012

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