100,000 Visitors

5-Sep-08 – 23:54 by ToddG

Less than a year after pistol-training.com came into existence, today we had our 100,000th visitor.

Thank you to every visitor, every contributor, and all of people who have supported us over the past eleven months. 

To celebrate, we’re having another give-away! Just respond with a comment to this post before 11:59pm on Friday 12-September and you’ll automatically be entered. No purchase is necessary. 

The winner will get a new pistol-training.com t-shirt.

Five runners up will win free pistol-training.com hats.

Good luck, train hard, and stay safe! ToddG

  1. 40 Responses to “100,000 Visitors”

  2. I would prefer the T-shirt please sir!!!

    By The Fish on Sep 6, 2008

  3. wow! those turned out nice! sweeeeeeet!

    By David on Sep 6, 2008

  4. 100K! Congratulations!


    By Joe Allen on Sep 6, 2008

  5. Nice shirt!

    By Mike B on Sep 6, 2008

  6. Great work Todd!!! Pistol-training.com is a must visit daily web site.

    By Pepper on Sep 6, 2008

  7. 100,000 ….. wow way to go.
    What a milestone.
    Keep up the good work.

    By Danatodd on Sep 6, 2008

  8. congrats!! heres to the next 100,000!!!!

    By Jake W on Sep 6, 2008

  9. Good job, even with less than a year in operation this is already the best resource I’ve found on the net.

    By Paul on Sep 6, 2008

  10. Congrats to Todd!
    Lots of valuable information on his site.
    Practicing his drills and exercises has proved to be very beneficial.

    By Papershooter on Sep 6, 2008

  11. Congrats. I visit your site frequently!

    By Charlie on Sep 6, 2008

  12. Excellent site!! What a great resource for shooters looking to improve. Here’s to 200,000!

    By Adam on Sep 6, 2008

  13. Boom Headshot!

    By Great Bison on Sep 6, 2008

  14. Will lurk for t-shirts.

    And ditto on everything that’s been said.

    By La Vaca on Sep 6, 2008

  15. Yo, where’s my sad story about my arm?

    By Bax on Sep 6, 2008

  16. Yeah, I need another shirt with a picture of a gun on it. No, really, I do. XL works for me.

    By Sean on Sep 6, 2008

  17. Todd,Is that a tactical yellow shirt to go with a tactical yellow visor?

    By Redband D on Sep 7, 2008

  18. cool shirt.. it’s nice to win one

    By ponco on Sep 7, 2008

  19. The site has been very helpful to me Todd.

    By Flyfishtom on Sep 7, 2008

  20. Great resource!

    By MCHPD on Sep 7, 2008

  21. Congrats!

    By Rick on Sep 7, 2008

  22. All the best to you Todd. As so many have mentioned already, Pistol-Training.com is a great resource, and I’ve recommended it to everyone I train and practice with.

    By JoeB on Sep 7, 2008

  23. Congrats Todd, and stay safe!

    By JLM on Sep 7, 2008

  24. I’m down for a new style hat!

    By lindertw on Sep 7, 2008

  25. I’m in, and I agree, the hat is pretty cool.

    By Steve on Sep 7, 2008

  26. Whoo hoooo! Only nine tenths left on the road to the million mark.
    Very good site.

    By Blurboy on Sep 8, 2008

  27. Great job Todd……

    Keep up the great work.


    By David on Sep 8, 2008

  28. Very cool idea. Thanks for all the great information.

    By Keith W. on Sep 8, 2008

  29. Great site and good info! Thanks for what you do Todd!!

    By Ryan Gardinier on Sep 8, 2008

  30. Great site and great give away deal!

    By Adam G on Sep 8, 2008

  31. I’m in:)

    By Miller14STL on Sep 8, 2008

  32. Grats on the 100k mark!

    By D Pip on Sep 9, 2008

  33. Congratulations, thank you for the effort!! and my T shirt is Large please,

    By S Vega on Sep 9, 2008

  34. grats on the website visit total. Too much belly for the tee shirt and ears to big for the hat (does mack truck with both doors open . . . ) congrats to you and keep it goin’

    By ajb on Sep 9, 2008

  35. Thanks for the website, and congratulations on the milestone. I’m in on the “lottery”…

    By Mark on Sep 9, 2008

  36. I’d look FANTASTIC in that T Shirt Todd! Congrats on 100k!

    By Bob Margolis on Sep 9, 2008

  37. Free stuff from Todd and Pistol Training, count me in.
    Congrats on 100k visitors!

    By Mort on Sep 10, 2008

  38. I hope to take your class in April…


    By G34Shooter on Sep 10, 2008

  39. cool t-shirt and great M&P test, 100,000 and climbing!

    By rick m on Sep 10, 2008

  40. Can’t have too many T-shirts …

    By John Frazer on Sep 11, 2008

  41. Man, I’d totally rock a pistol-training.com t-shirt at the range.

    By commandar on Sep 12, 2008

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