Not Safe For Work

1-Oct-08 – 12:37 by ToddG

… or anything else. Yes, thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, now we can watch people who have no idea what they’re doing give us product reviews on handguns they don’t know how to handle.

This tool (the guy, not the Walther) reviews three pistols by pointing them at himself, usually with a loaded mag in the gun.

The Glock 23 review is the best, because apparently — and you will never see this in a Glock advertisement, Austrians are such prudes — he can use a Glock 23 to make “your mom” and “your sister” perform all sorts of sexually explicit acts just by pointing the gun at them.

Genius also explains his thoughts on .40 S&W +p ammunition, which is priceless.

“Cuz I’m from the streeets and I don’t give a **** a’ight? So don’t even be posting all this **** **** about gun safety and **** because I don’t give a **** and I’ll **** your life up. Let me tell you that right now.”

It would be funny, but this is the kind of guy we all see teaching his friends how to shoot.

Read it while you can. Odds are it will be yanked off YouTube soon.

Train hard & stay safer than this nimrod. ToddG

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  2. you know i rarely say this but for the sake of humanity it’s probably better he keeps them loaded and pointed at himself. it increases the odds of purifying the gene pool. how can a sig “**** you up” more than any other pistol? it’s funny how everyone becomes an instant firearms connoisseur when they have a sig…

    “before i merely owned glocks or rugers, now i have a sig and not only do’s i own the ****ing range, i now drinks wines wit my cheeses in the fields whilst sniping fleas off a rodents back at 75 yards with one eye shut under the full ****ing moonbeams a’ight?” owning a sig has not only enhanced me’s vocabularies as a street thug but nows i reviews guns as a ****ing profession, a’ight?”

    i bet he has a “got sig” sticker on his yellow toyota low-rider with thumbing bass stereo systems. the only thing he knows about “smooth double action” is what he found in the night club on long island.

    By David on Oct 1, 2008

  3. Just yanked from YouTube…

    By BNH on Oct 1, 2008

  4. Rats; I love watching youtube videos that make me look like a genius! What a dope; I’m with David on gene pool purification…

    By JoeB on Oct 1, 2008

  5. David — In fairness, I don’t think the SIG had anything to do with his personality. Something tells me he was a tool long before he bought his first pistol.

    Sorry it got yanked, folks.

    Free hat to anyone who can find another link to the video.

    By ToddG on Oct 1, 2008

  6. Rats, sorry I missed it.

    I have mixed feelings about youtube. Sometimes I find it entertaining, while others I fear for the future of our species.

    By Carter C. on Oct 1, 2008

  7. todd since you’re on a mac if you have safari and ever want to save a video off of youtube all you have to do is go watch the video you wish to save and while it’s playing click on “window” in the menu above then select “activity” and look for the file which should be still loading with MB instead of KB after it and double click that, it will download a “flv” file. next go download a free program called “isquint” here: and drag that flv file into isquint and convert it to a quicktime file. you now have a MOV file of the video to preserve for the ages and pass down to the grandchildrens.

    By David on Oct 2, 2008

  8. Calling him a tool gives a bad name to tools. After all, tools are useful.

    By HowardCohodas on Oct 2, 2008

  9. I didn’t get to see the video!! Your commentary on this neanderthal (no offense to neanderthals intended) is truly priceless!

    By Jared on Oct 4, 2008

  10. Well, I was a day late & a dollar short (as usual) I missed it. Youtube pulled it due to violation of use terms (could it be terms of stupidity?). But from ToddG’s post I got the jest of it.

    By Chuck on Oct 5, 2008

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