M&P Monday: Week 24

6-Oct-08 – 23:52 by ToddG

47,618 rounds
2 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 2 parts breakages

We’re fast approaching the end of the M&P 50,000 Round Torture Test, and it looks like we’ll actually finish a little ahead of schedule. Nothing particularly exciting to report about this week, except that the ammo fairy dropped over 2,500 rounds of Speer 124gr +p Gold Dot on my doorstep. This will very likely replace the 124gr +p Federal HST that I’ve been carrying … not because the Gold Dot is “better” but simply because it’s outstanding, proven, and free.

The picture on the right shows my current everyday carry arrangement: a Novatac 120P flashlight, Ruger LCP backup gun, Zero Tolerance 0302 folding knife, and the M&P9 in a prototype Garrity’s Gunleather appendix holster. I’ve been using the Garrity holster for a few days now and the hand crafted quality is plain to see.¬†

This weekend the M&P test gun will be attending a private get-together with some pretty famous luminaries in the tactical training world. Hopefully, we’ll have some good stories and great photos to share next week. We’ll also be right at the 50,000 round mark soon and hopefully next week’s installment will include the much anticipated answer to the question: What happens when the gun hits 50,000?

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 5 Responses to “M&P Monday: Week 24”

  2. when the gun hit’s 50,000 it gets gifted to me simply because i am me. or at least the spent shell from round 50,000… a speck of sand from where it was shot? okay… maybe not.

    By David on Oct 7, 2008

  3. Maybe you’ve put your thoughts on the LCP somewhere, and I missed it, but I’m curious what you think about it. Certainly, if it’s your BUG, you trust it, is it really a P3AT copy, an improved P3AT, or something else?

    By Steve on Oct 7, 2008

  4. Steve — I’ll be putting up a complete review of the LCP within the next few weeks.

    By ToddG on Oct 7, 2008

  5. Todd- You’re QUICK! You are kind of a “Go To” guy on a lot of stuff, and I’m considering trading in my perfectly good P3AT on the new kid in town, for no real good reason except new gun-itis. Looking forward to it, and sorry for hijacking M&P Monday.

    By Steve on Oct 7, 2008

  6. Yes I too am interested in the LCP review. I know there have been a few revisions made by Ruger.

    By Zaakir on Oct 7, 2008

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