Remington Recalls Some .38 Special +p Ammunition

11-Dec-12 – 08:07 by ToddG

Remington has issued a recall for one specific lot number of .38 Special +p  SJHP ammunition in 100rd boxes. If you have any of this ammunition you advised to return it to Remington. The press release says the boxes may contain .357 Magnum ammunition but because they’re fearful of its use in .38 pistols, it sounds more like .38 ammo mistakenly loaded to .357 levels. Regardless, given the questionable loading do not attempt to use the ammunition if you have any in your inventory.

The ammunition is identified as being product code L38S2B and lot number P24UA18R. Remington has provided the following images to help folks identify the product code and lot number:

You can get more information, including specific details on what steps to take to get the ammunition replaced at no charge, by visiting Remington’s website directly.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. Thanks for the heads-up; this ammunition is my load of preference for practice and competition, being a fairly close analog to the Remington Golden Saber 125gr .38 Special +P+ that I use as my carry load in my Ruger GP100 and Security Six-I’ve found that my sight settings don’t need to be changed in the least when using either load for POA/POI, and, while the GLoden Saber is a little hotter of a load, the Remington/UMC is fairly close-and great for IDPA (or even carry, it I run out of the Golden Saber).

    I actually have fairly recently purchased some of this from Wal-Mart; fortunately it is from a different lot, but I still called Remington to verify.

    Best, Jon Stein

    By Jon Stein on Dec 15, 2012

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