We’re Sorry to Interrupt This Program…

13-Dec-12 – 18:45 by ToddG

If you’ve been reading pistol-training.com for a while, you know that the site is very rarely about my personal life except insofar as it relates to shooting: teaching & practicing. It’s always been my belief that each of you has your own life, family, challenges, and distractions so there’s no need to share mine with the world.¬†Nonetheless, something has come up that is going to effect my ability to do those things (teach & practice) and rather than just have the site go silent for a while, I figured I should explain at least a little.

As some of you know, in 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer and had a kidney removed. About a year ago it came back — the cancer, not the kidney! — and in May of this year I had lung surgery. Now scans show there is more and rather than hunt for it surgically, the docs said I should start a more aggressive treatment. The process involves up to four week-long hospital stays separated by a couple of weeks each.¬†Unfortunately, during this time I won’t be able to shoot or travel.

I’ve already contacted all the students who’ve signed up for classes during that time period to refund their money. Hopefully, those classes will get rescheduled for later in the year.

As for pistol-training.com, there won’t be any updates on the SACS/Warren gun until this is over. For those of you who drop by primarily for that, take a vacation until March. Otherwise, as time and ability allow, I still plan to put new content up on the site… it will just be more about my thoughts on shooting than on me, you know, actually shooting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to cajole or guilt some friends into writing a few things for the site as well so you won’t get bored reading just my opinion about everything.

For many of my friends, I know this is the first you’re hearing about any of this. I apologize. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing until last night and it was just selfishly easier for me to announce it here than track everyone down and have a hundred conversations about it. We have great confidence in the medical team at Johns Hopkins. I look forward to being back to teaching this Spring.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG


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  2. I jsut found this and was very saddened to hear. Don’t worry about posting or not posting to this blog. Just take care of yourself and beat the disease. Do not worry about updating the Spriingfield tests. If you feel like posting and have the time, keep in mind that your random thoughts are more interesting and useful than 95% of the gun related things found on the internet. Best thoughts going out to you,


    By Ed L on Dec 15, 2012

  3. Todd, I am sorry to hear about this. Your positive attitude will be a big help in this battle. I will pray for you and your family.

    By vincent on Dec 15, 2012

  4. Todd,
    Sorry to hear the news. I know you will beat it!
    Let me know if you need anything at all.

    All the best!

    By DI on Dec 15, 2012

  5. TLG,

    Man our prayers are with you and yours!! Please let me know if there is anything K and I can do for you guys!!!!!!


    By Prdator on Dec 15, 2012

  6. Hope you get well soon. Best wishes for you and yours.

    By Jay Lambert on Dec 15, 2012

  7. Dear Todd and Mrs. Green,

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers here. May your doctors’ hands be guided with a healing touch. Know that you have made a difference, and will continue to do so in the future.

    It’s another battle in a different fight, but you will emerge victorious again.

    All of us stand ready to assist. Allow us to do so, when we can.


    By SeriousStudent on Dec 16, 2012

  8. Without meeting me, your work here has actually improved my shooting – if you can do that, you can do anything. Grateful Thanks and my hopes and prayers are with you in this battle.

    By Ian on Dec 16, 2012

  9. Todd, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


    By Tim S. on Dec 16, 2012

  10. I’ve been using your site as a resource for my own learning for about two years now; and it’s helped me tremendously. Please take care of yourself and your family!

    Thank you,
    Henry from Canada.

    By Henry on Dec 16, 2012

  11. i hate this f#&$ng disease.

    By Larry on Dec 16, 2012

  12. Best wishes to you. As a new shooter with no family or friends that really shoot, this website has been a great help and guide to me. I’m really thankful for your help.

    By cloudhidden on Dec 16, 2012

  13. Todd,

    Get well soon!!!
    To echo many comments above, you have made an impact on me even though we have never met.

    I will see you on the range someday!


    By Bill Lance on Dec 16, 2012

  14. Johns Hopkins FTW!

    Get well soon.

    By xpo172 on Dec 16, 2012

  15. Todd, I wish you all the best and hope you make a full recovery!

    By Matt7184 on Dec 16, 2012

  16. Todd, prayers sent for a speeding recovery!

    By Justin on Dec 17, 2012

  17. Todd,

    SSG has you in their thoughts and prayers.

    By Bill Nesbitt on Dec 17, 2012

  18. Load up on Chlorella and Spirulina, Shoot me a email if you need some material on it. Get well soon my friend

    By Greg on Dec 17, 2012

  19. I don’t know you personally but wish you and your family successful treatment and your speedy recovery. stay strong.


    By swollengoat on Dec 17, 2012

  20. I am a cancer survivor. Check out this website.

    By J on Dec 17, 2012

  21. Very sorry to hear about this. Take care and we are praying for a speedy recovery.

    By Corey on Dec 17, 2012

  22. Health and family first. Get well, come back–we’ll be waiting for you.

    By Michael on Dec 17, 2012

  23. Get well soon.

    Greetings from Germany

    By Ulli on Dec 17, 2012

  24. I wish you the best and hope you have a Merry Christmas. Get well soon and know you have a lot of support to help you through the rough times.

    By Richard on Dec 17, 2012

  25. Looks like you need a ride in the Porsche… A road trip out East sounds kinda nice!

    As Lebowski said, Chin up, chest out, kick some ass Todd!!!

    By jstyer on Dec 17, 2012

  26. My prayers are for you and your family.

    By R Tracy Crump on Dec 17, 2012

  27. Todd, I wish you a speed recovery. My prayers are with you and your wife. Take care.

    By John Gallagher on Dec 18, 2012

  28. Dude Get well. You’re in our prayers


    By David on Dec 18, 2012

  29. I wish you well Todd and i hope for a speedy recovery!!

    By Greg Tobert on Dec 18, 2012

  30. Todd
    Hope you get better soon.
    Best wishes from Brazil

    By CE Anselmi on Dec 18, 2012

  31. Best to you Todd. Speedy and complete recovery!

    By Ted on Dec 18, 2012

  32. Todd,

    Get well soon. You are in our hearts and prayers.

    Ga Shooter

    By Ga Shooter on Dec 18, 2012

  33. Get well Todd!

    By Peter on Dec 18, 2012

  34. Todd,

    That SUCKS! I am praying for your speedy recovery.

    Stay Sharp & Stay Safe!

    T. Black

    By Tom Black on Dec 19, 2012

  35. Get well soon Todd, best wishes.

    By Kenpotex on Dec 19, 2012

  36. Best of luck Todd! Keep up the good fight!

    By Tim on Dec 19, 2012

  37. Prayers sent. Get well soon. I love your site.

    By John on Dec 19, 2012

  38. Get well soon bro. Let me know if you need anything, anything at all! You and Kimberly will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Ernest Langdon

    By LangdonTactical on Dec 19, 2012

  39. as a long time lurker, best wishes and a fast and straightforward recovery!

    By adrian on Dec 19, 2012

  40. Best of luck to you TG. I’ll say a prayer or two for you. God bless.

    By John R. on Dec 19, 2012

  41. Get well soon.

    By George L. Lyon, Jr. on Dec 19, 2012

  42. Todd,

    Good luck in your fight and I wish you a blessed recovery and strength for you and your family.


    By Chip on Dec 20, 2012

  43. Good luck and may God bless you, Todd.

    By SteveJ on Dec 20, 2012

  44. I will be praying for you and your family Todd. You’ve always done such a phenomenal job with this site. God bless you and your family, thank you for everything you’ve done for us and who you are.


    By BWT on Dec 20, 2012

  45. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    By steve b on Dec 20, 2012

  46. Get well fast!

    Good luck and front toward enemy!

    By German31 on Dec 21, 2012

  47. I’m very sorry to read about that Todd. Keep up the positive attitude and never, never, never give up!

    By Mike A on Dec 21, 2012

  48. I hope you’re on the road to recovery soon Todd. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    By tremiles on Dec 21, 2012

  49. Todd- since you have not posted in nine days, it’s apparent that you are fighting the fight! Having seen this first hand with several family members, I know what you are up against… Stay true, stay strong and STAY POSITIVE, you can win!
    All the best this holiday season to you and yours.

    By jd on Dec 22, 2012

  50. Best wishes for a fast recovery Todd.

    By NMBigfoot02 on Dec 23, 2012

    DUEDOTNOVE (2.9)

    By 3X on Dec 24, 2012

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