Happy New Year!

1-Jan-13 – 14:54 by ToddG

Happy 2013 from all of us at pistol-training.com!

Train hard & stay safe!

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  2. To you and your, as well.

    By Aaron on Jan 1, 2013

  3. Happy New Year! Hope 2013 finds you on the mend.

    By Arclight on Jan 1, 2013

  4. Happy New Year! I hope you get better soon!

    By Dave S. on Jan 1, 2013

  5. Todd, Sorry to hear that your cancer has returned. . . (knowing how incompetent some in the medical profession can be, might pay to double check that it’s not the kidney that has returned!!) Before you submit to all the chemo/radiation treatment, do abit of research on diet, etc. There are a lot of kooky fixes out there but tumeric has been showing alot of promise and I know from experience with several friends who have had various cancers that the best way to beat the nausea associated with chemo, etc. is cannabis preperations. A lot of reseach in England and Israel too . .I read the other day they have breed (with out any genetic manipulation – just cross breeding) a nil THC variety but with all the anti cancer/anti nausea stuff intact. Something to think about as you go on your journey. The medical profession is largely beholden to the big pharmacutical corporations and they are only about $$. best of luck and above all else STAY POSITIVE. . . . it does seem to help in winning

    By chris in christchurch, N.Z. on Jan 1, 2013

  6. And to you and yours Todd

    By Chem on Jan 1, 2013

  7. And a Happy New Year to y’all, too!

    By Tam on Jan 2, 2013

  8. Happy new year to you Todd.

    Get well soon.

    By Tasos Panagiotopoulod on Jan 4, 2013

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