SACS/Warren Test Gun Breaks

15-Feb-13 – 16:34 by ToddG

… 25,000 rounds, that is!

Details to follow this weekend.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. Whew. My heart just skipped a beat.

    By Billy on Feb 15, 2013

  3. Confession: It is now apparent that I was subconsciously rooting for some problems when I thought “YES!” at first reading your headline… LOL.

    By muther_beetches on Feb 15, 2013

  4. 25,000 is a lot of rounds, but I’m not really impressed. Is there any modern day gun that can’t do that in 9mm? A truer test of the 1911 would be to put it through the same torture that the HK45 went through. Besides, wasn’t the 1911 designed as a .45cal fighting gun? Shooting a 1911 in 9mm is like driving a Corvette and staying under 30 mph. Test one in .45acp and let the big dog eat!

    By Calvin on Feb 17, 2013

  5. The weekend is over. Where’s the report? :)

    By Tony B on Feb 17, 2013

  6. Give Todd a break, man’s medical priorities come first.

    By Rob M on Feb 18, 2013

  7. Sorry your not impressed Calvin. We’re all heartbroken.

    By Big Balls McGee on Feb 18, 2013

  8. Calvin — With the exception of the break in testing, how do you see this test as different than the HK45 test?

    Tony — Sorry, family and fun this weekend ate up more time than I thought and I really want the 25k report to be meaningful. Right now it looks like it will be tomorrow (Wednesday) before it’s done. (and Rob, thanks!)

    By ToddG on Feb 19, 2013

  9. Todd, take care of yourself and stay stress free. Looking forward to your report on the SACS 1911.

    By Rob M on Feb 19, 2013

  10. I am really looking forward to it. I’m really interested to see just what gave after all that time. It really puts into perspective what purchasing something like this actually means to a serious shooter. At 1000 a month your ridiculously expensive custom gun would only last 2 years and a month. Where as my Glock (any other polymer gun here as well) will probably do the same and Glock would replace it when it broke. While the 1911 is really, really awesome and I want one in a dirty sort of way, I can’t justify the money. Can’t wait to see just what broke

    By JConn on Feb 19, 2013

  11. I’m pretty sure the content of the post was that the gun broke 25,000 rounds. Not that the gun broke AT 25,000 rounds.

    By Chip on Feb 19, 2013

  12. Sorry Chip but, “SACS/Warren Test Gun Breaks”, there is nothing to misinterpreter in that.
    Be good Todd (HK rules).

    By Tasos Panagiotopoulos on Feb 20, 2013

  13. If you read under the heading, it says “25,000 rounds, that is!” I don’t see anything indicating any specific part -nor the gun itself- broke recently. Looking forward to the report, but health and family fun come first!

    By john k on Feb 20, 2013

  14. oh wow…totally misread that

    By JConn on Feb 20, 2013

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