Springfield/Warren 9mm 1911 Endurance Test: Report #17

15-Apr-13 – 19:47 by ToddG
30,297 rounds 11 stoppages 0 malfunctions 1 parts breakages

The gun has passed the 30,000 round mark but suffered one more (minor) stoppage… the first in eleven thousand rounds.

WTS17-17-1During practice the gun experienced a failure to fire. The hammer dropped but there was almost no mark whatsoever on the primer. The round fired normally on a second attempt. No other failures to fire were experienced with approximately 20,000 rounds of that lot# ammo during previous shooting. As such, the stoppage gets counted against the pistol.

The gun has otherwise continued to run like a perpetual motion machine. Problems reported in the last update related to slidelock failures have been resolved by a combination of new followers & springs for the magazines along with a change to my support hand position when gripping the gun.

New mag pouches and some new focus on certain aspects of my reload technique have paid dividends as well with my average reload dropping by more than a quarter of a second. Consistent sub-2s reloads from concealment now seem within reach. Of course, sub-2s reloads from concealment were ordinary with all my previous test guns but the 1911 is the first one that requires me to use my support hand to release the slide… a significantly slower method than preloading the slide release lever with the shooting hand thumb (if you can reach).

The pistol was cleaned at the 30k point and both the recoil & firing pin springs were replaced per schedule.

Over the next twelve days the gun will see a decent amount of range time between practice and this month’s KSTG Match at the NRA Range. Check back next week to see how it all came together.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 13 Responses to “Springfield/Warren 9mm 1911 Endurance Test: Report #17”

  2. Do you have any ideas on what caused the failure to fire?

    By Kirk in Utah on Apr 16, 2013

  3. Kirk — Unfortunately no. I cleared the stoppage as soon as I felt the misfire then recovered the unfired round from the floor. The gun was in battery enough for the trigger mechanism to work and the hammer to fall at least part way. I couldn’t swear whether it fell completely or to the half cock position for some reason.

    There did not appear to be any unusually excessive residue in the firing pin channel when I cleaned the gun, but it had gone almost 5,000 rounds of shooting (much of it with lead free primers) since the last cleaning. The firing pin spring also appeared to be in normal condition but was replaced per normal maintenance cycle anyway.

    By ToddG on Apr 16, 2013

  4. I am more interested in what appears to be a clinch pick in the picture. :) Speaking of which, we missed you at the conference in Memphis Todd. Hope you are doing okay considering.

    By vincent on Apr 17, 2013

  5. Thanks, vincent!

    By ToddG on Apr 17, 2013

  6. So to be clear, the misfire happened before the cleaning?

    By MDS on Apr 17, 2013

  7. MDS – Correct.

    By ToddG on Apr 17, 2013

  8. I think that’s usually a grip safety issue. If the grip safety isn’t positively disengaged it will allow the hammer to fall but there’ll be enough friction to slow the hammer enough so it’ll hit and the firing pin will tap the primer, but not enough to actually fire the round. The result is a tiny dent on the primer. It could have been a one-off grip thing but I know you have a positive grip. It’s very common if you have an improperly fitted sear-spring, but that’s unlikely in this case.

    By chimptastic on Apr 18, 2013

  9. Chimptastic- You may be thinking of a “Series 80” or similar design with a firing pin safety. Springfield does not use a firing pin safety. They use a proprietary lightweight pin design to prevent the gun from firing when it dropped.

    By Kirk in Utah on Apr 18, 2013

  10. I don’t know if it was posted but what is the spring weights of the recoil and mainspring?

    By Josh on Apr 21, 2013

  11. Recoil spring is 14#, mainspring is 23# to the best of my knowledge.

    By ToddG on Apr 21, 2013

  12. Todd,

    Who makes the leather holster? Does it help pull the butt of the pistol in like the Keepers?

    By Frank on Apr 22, 2013

  13. Frank — It’s a 5 Shot Leather “SME” … learn more here.

    By ToddG on Apr 22, 2013

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