Initial Thoughts on New IDPA Rulebook

7-May-13 – 16:19 by ToddG

I’ve only read through it once and scratched some very rough notes but here are some of the issues that particularly stood out to me:

Safety. The new book has some rather complicated and sometimes contradictory rules about safety. Section F1(B) states that “unsafe gunhandling will result in immediate disqualification (DQ).” Then we get S5 which allows a shooter to violate the finger placement rule three times before getting DQ’d. The first incident gets a warning, the second a 3-second penalty, and the third a 20-second penalty. (Rule S7, on the other hand, goes from a warning straight to the 20-second penalty and then DQ) I’ve always maintained that this is a bad practice. Safe gun handling should not be part of the shooter’s score. Either he’s safe enough to shoot the match or he should be DQ’d.

Round Dumping. (edited 2106 7-May-13) Joyce Wilson responded to my email from earlier today asking for clarification and stated in no uncertain terms that “the ‘dumping rule’ is gone.” Halle-kitten-lujah!

Appendix Carry. Still disallowed. While I cannot begrudge them the decision I do wish they’d gone the other way. I wonder if we started a big mail-in campaign whether we could change their minds. I suppose we’d have to mail them our appendixes, though. That may not be legal. Or healthy.

Cover. IDPA has now clearly stated that shooters aren’t required to hug the barricade when shooting from behind cover. While this seems obvious to most folks it actually became a problem at some clubs and even some big matches because someone with no real training or understanding of realistic cover principles decided that you had to be close to the wall in order for it to stop bullets… no, seriously. Good change on IDPA’s part.

Malfunctions & Cover. Rule R9.3 was written hastily and without much forethought. The rules states that if you have an out of battery gun after trying to reload, you have to try pulling the trigger before you can clear the malfunction. That’s simply dangerous not to mention pretty silly from a tactical standpoint. I’ll be amazed if that’s not changed, and quickly.

Reloads on the Move. For a while IDPA had an absolutely ridiculous rule that if your gun went dry in the middle of an open field you were required to sprint (safely and with your muzzle downrange) to the nearest point of cover before you could do anything about it. Now they allow you to begin your reload as soon as the gun goes dry. However, you cannot engage any targets until you’re behind cover. I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, it’s stupid from a realistic/combat standpoint; if the gun is ready to fire and there are targets to be shot, why wait? On the other hand, I do see the problem from a competition standpoint; if you allow people to reload and re-enage out in the open, they’ll take baby steps so they can engage the targets easily and quickly before getting to cover. The new rule probably isn’t what I would have suggested but thinking it through, it makes sense to me.

Video. The rules explicitly state that there will be no “instant replay” through the use of video. One of the things that makes IDPA so great is that most officials and competitors are honest and sincere sportsmen. Getting each ruling mired down in “but look, Bubba done video’d it!” would become tiresome. I imagine it was a tough decision, but I think they made the right one.

Round Count. Stages no longer have to make an attempt at being revolver- or CDP-neutral. As someone who’s designed a lot of stages over the years, the old limitation was frustrating.

Equipment Rules. The rules are a lot easier to follow and standardized more appropriately between the different semiauto divisions. While there will still be people complaining that their favorite mod isn’t allowed in SSP, there aren’t too many things that will keep most people from competing as long as they’re willing to do so in ESP or CDP, depending on caliber. There will also be complaints that 10mm still isn’t allowed in CDP… complaints from the same six people who think 10mm is still popular and wish that Smith, HK, and every other handgun manufacturer would make guns in 10mm.

There are other little things I like or don’t like but those were the major points for me.

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  2. They are taking proposed rule changes here:

    Note: You have to be a current member, and logged in to propose rule changes.

    By PPGMD on May 7, 2013

  3. Bummer, my 10mm still isn’t legal:

    By Billy on May 7, 2013

  4. I was really hoping that appendix would be allowed in the new rules, I would be interested in joining any mail in petition to persuade them to change that ruling.

    By Chris on May 7, 2013

  5. The biggest problem I have is with one of the code of conduct rules for safety officers and above. “I will always be a champion for IDPA and promote IDPA in the best light possible.” To me this means I can’t talk frankly about IDPA, warts and all. I have to be it’s champion and always promote it in the best possible light.

    By Ken Rihanek on May 8, 2013

  6. Of course 10mm isn’t popular, however I don’t understand why you can’t use it.

    I’m not an IDPA guy so pardon my ignorance, is .40 allowed in those divisions?

    By Bruce on May 8, 2013

  7. Ken — I took that as meaning during IDPA events rather than in everyday life. Knowing Joyce (and Bill), the last thing I think they’re trying to do is build a koolaid cult.

    Bruce — You can shoot 10mm in two of the three semiauto divisions. There is one division, CDP, that allowed 10mm years ago but was later changed to b .45-only and some people still complain about it.

    By ToddG on May 8, 2013

  8. I like most of those changes. I do agree that appendix carry should be allowed. If I’m going to shoot a match I want to shoot it the way I would carry my gun or it defeats the purpose of IDPA for a lot of folks.

    By Jesse on May 8, 2013

  9. Well, for IDPA members who want to shoot from aiwb, you can follow the link PPGMD listed above and submit “make appendix carry legal!”

    For folks who aren’t IDPA members, I’d suggest filling out an IDPA membership application and mailing it in with a note attached that says “process only if appendix carry becomes legal.” If they get more than a handful of those it might make someone take notice.

    By ToddG on May 8, 2013

  10. as a founder of our IDPA group at our club the BIGGEST issue with idpa right now is there is no arbitration, I was banned from IDPA after a PRIVATE disagreement with our “country” coordinator. No one would reply to my emails and no one would acknowledge anything or listen to my side of the story. frankly the only REASON our club is still a member of IDPA is to promote shooting sports in Canada, other then that we where ready to drop IDPA like a hot potatoe.

    By Wesley Belland on May 8, 2013

  11. Wes you were banned by HQ. Who do you think should arbitrate their decision? Your banning was a result of you writing an email to them claiming to be somebody else.

    Seems like you got banned from the IDPA Forum as well as the largest gun forum in Canada.

    Do you see a pattern here.

    By Bob B on May 24, 2013

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