Third Time’s a Charm

12-Jun-13 – 16:56 by ToddG YouTube Preview Image

First time through, the one for score, I got two non-A-zone head hits on the hostage-taker and went to slidelock, requiring me to reload and fire a makeup shot. Time was 12.46.

Second time through, my first shot at the hostage-taker actually hit that silly hostage in the shoulder.

Third try, though… very well done, thank you. I would be an absolute awesome hostage rescue team member… assuming they get three tries to get it right, too. That’s probably how it works, right?

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

(thanks to FredM for the video!)

  1. 4 Responses to “Third Time’s a Charm”

  2. Three tries is about right if you’re a NY cop…

    *ducking and running*

    By JD on Jun 12, 2013

  3. Todd: Don’t worry. It turns out the whole “hostage” thing was a scam and the hostage taker was working for the hostage, who was trying to take an insurance company for millions. Luckily, your ninja sixth sense alerted you to that fact and you were able to derail the plot.

    Or at least that is what you can tell your hostage-rescue superiors.

    By SteveJ on Jun 12, 2013

  4. Seeing this I don’t feel quite so bad about the graze on the hostage that I had on my first (only) run at this stage then. of course, given the stage description this is one that my wife will never let me live down…

    I wish I could say that it was the need to look down at the foot fault line that kept me just a bit low on target, but that can’t justify a miss with those kind of consequences. But this is why we train.

    By abu fitna on Jun 13, 2013

  5. The ones you hit are never “Hostages” they are called “Co Conspirators”.

    By Grey Viking on Jun 13, 2013

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