M&P Monday: Week Thirty

17-Nov-08 – 01:00 by ToddG

58,970 rounds
2 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 2 parts breakages

As promised, this week we got back on track with the heavy-duty shooting schedule … almost 2,600 rounds! Luckily, as you can see pictured at right, the latest shipment of ammunition for the test arrived just in time!

Not that it should surprise anyone at this point, but no stoppages or other problems were experienced.

Even with all that shooting, we still had time to get some of the details worked out on the long-awaited pistol-training.com limited edition M&P9 from Smith & Wesson. The big news this week is that the project is definitely going to happen. Smith is sending some proposed artwork for us to choose from. Special thanks to our friend lindertw for drawing up the initial artwork proposal, and of course thanks as always to David for the new logo.¬†We should have pricing worked out soon and with any luck, guns will be produced before the year is out. Obviously, we’ll report more details here as they are finalized.

Next week will mark both the 60,000th round through the gun and seven months of testing. Look for our usual 10,000-round accuracy test as well as some detailed pictures of the wear points on the test gun.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 5 Responses to “M&P Monday: Week Thirty”

  2. how cruel of them to burden you with all that ammo, i can only imagine how horrible this must be for you. i know someway, somehow you’ll find the strength to pull thru this nightmare. i’d shoot more if i weren’t stockpiling for the impending obamination ammo tax. the logo was fun to do and so far it’s still my favorite i’ve done. i can’t wait to see the pistol!

    By David on Nov 17, 2008

  3. (im)patiently waiting :)

    By lindertw on Nov 17, 2008

  4. Clearly, you have far too much ammunition! Just think of the children!! You should contact me immediately and send me one case of ammo so I can improve my skills learned here at pistol-training.com!

    By Phil on Nov 19, 2008

  5. Thats great that the M&P is so durrable and dependable, just like an HK, seems they were so buisy working on those features that they forgot the things also needed decent triggers!

    I’ll stick with 1911s and Glocks……

    By D.L. on Nov 19, 2008

  6. Decent trigger? It has nearly an identical weight and length to it as a Glock 5.5# trigger. My only complaint is that the reset isn’t as noticeable (both audibly and physically) as a Glock trigger.

    But neither of them can compare to the reset of my P99AS. :) Good thing I own at least one of each!

    By Phil on Nov 21, 2008

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