When You See It

22-Mar-15 – 04:12 by ToddG


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  2. ooops

    By Rob E on Mar 22, 2015

  3. Bet they both need new underwear.

    By Arty on Mar 22, 2015

  4. Meh… He’s dressed like a no-shoot, he’ll be fine. Probably.

    By 2alpha-down0 on Mar 22, 2015

  5. 2alpha-down0 FTW

    By JHC on Mar 22, 2015

  6. Not good!

    By Bullseye146 on Mar 22, 2015

  7. I had to look at that photo for a second to see the guy down range, Saddly this may happen more often than anyone wants to admit

    By Gerard on Mar 22, 2015

  8. It can happen. Check the range before make ready. Don’t get complacent. Really, IMO, the shooter is the least culpable here. RO, ARO – I’m sure they thought the range was clear. Guy picking up brass needs to pay attention too. There is a lesson to learn here.

    By Matt S. on Mar 22, 2015

  9. Total error and almost fatal error.

    Video version:


    By MKabar on Mar 22, 2015

  10. TLG long-time reader. I thought of you when I saw this and wondered if it would be on the blog. That man might as well been in Aleppo wearing an American flag T-shirt

    By Jeff Freeman on Mar 22, 2015

  11. 1) How can you be downrange when the shooting starts and not notice something is wrong.

    2) It would be very easy to miss someone when the stage is using solid walls. The RO or CRO should have been the last man to leave move up range and call the range clear.

    It’s a miracle that dude didn’t take any rounds. I guess they didn’t have any possible shoot throughs.

    By Lomshek on Mar 23, 2015

  12. I like the way the guy downrange sort of ducks behind the target when he realizes someone is shooting.

    By Robert on Mar 23, 2015

  13. I see how the shooter was unaware of the guy down range, I don’t excuse it, but I understand.

    What I really don’t understand is why the guy down range remained here for so long. The shooter was into his second magazine before the guy down range reacts/says anything. At least I didn’t hear him on the recording until the end of the video……

    At anyrate, at least no one was hurt. and I hope they all learned something.

    By LCSO264 on Mar 23, 2015

  14. Note to self, never wear a brown T-shirt to a match.

    By Dave J. on Mar 24, 2015

  15. Reminds me of the time I pasted an entire stage myself. Fortunately no one tried to start the next shooter while I was down there. It was late in the day and everyone’s attention meter was low so the entire squad stood around thinking everyone else was pasting. We all had a good laugh. I’m sure no one had a good laugh in this vid.

    By Mark on Mar 24, 2015

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