Latest F.A.S.T. Wall Inductee

29-Mar-15 – 18:57 by ToddG

Congratulations to Ballistic Radio host J.M. Johnston for earning his place on the F.A.S.T. Wall of Fame this weekend with a 6.73 run!

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. If only I hadn’t dropped that head shot and it had been a 4.73 second run. Thanks again man, had a ton of fun!

    By JJRG on Mar 29, 2015

  3. Yeah, those accuracy standards are downright draconian.

    By ToddG on Mar 29, 2015

  4. How cute. Nicely done dude.

    By CCT125US on Mar 29, 2015

  5. It’s like a lawyer came up with them or something.

    By JJRG on Mar 29, 2015

  6. Yeah, CCT your best run was only a 4.84! Oh but wait, you got all your hits…

    By ToddG on Mar 29, 2015

  7. So while I really need to write a post about all this some day:

    The time penalties on the FAST were based on making it smarter for moderate shooters to take their time to get a hit rather than go too fast and miss. A lot of people can make two head shots in 4s and four body shots in 4s discounting the additional time of the draw and reload. So if they try to go faster and miss, it’s on them.

    For more advanced shooters, the penalties really are MUCH greater than the time it would take them to guarantee hits. If they’d just slow down to make sure every shot was a hit, they’d definitely get their best score. The ones who decide to go hero-or-zero and have misses, well, that’s on them.

    By ToddG on Mar 29, 2015

  8. I actually think the argument could be made that if you don’t get all your hits, your score doesn’t count period. Misses in real life aren’t good news…

    By JJRG on Mar 30, 2015

  9. Yeah, he made a big deal about not getting a coin. Did not mention outscoring a bunch of pistoleros and going up on the Wall of Fame.

    By Don Gwinn on Mar 30, 2015

  10. I can say from experience that shooting the F.A.S.T. in front of your classmates can be humbling. I have several less than stellar runs in front of the class.

    By John Nelson on Mar 30, 2015

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