Handgun Low Light Fundamentals

19-Nov-08 – 01:00 by ToddG

pistol-training.com is pleased to announce that we have published the 22-page 10,660-word Handgun Low Light Fundamentals¬†treatise written by “John_Wayne777” from AR15.com and M4Carbine.net. JW777 shares the benefit of his extensive training in low light tactics and techniques as well as years of experience testing and using a myriad of flashlights, night sights, and lasers.

Handgun Low Light Fundamentals will be available permanently in our Articles section.

Thanks again to JW777 for the tremendous time and effort he put into creating this detailed article on the entire spectrum of low light equipment and skills as they pertain to handgun shooters.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

  1. 7 Responses to “Handgun Low Light Fundamentals”

  2. Thanks for the great writeup JW777 I learned alot!

    By Another Joe on Nov 19, 2008

  3. I’m just glad my writing is coherent enough to avoid questions about my sobriety when writing it.

    Glad you learned something. I learned a great deal from real experts and I’m just trying to spread a little bit of that knowledge around. I’m not as impressive as Todd’s lead-in portrays me. =)

    By John_Wayne777 on Nov 20, 2008

  4. JW777 is being modest. This is just the TIP of the iceberg of what he knows about pistol shooting and tactics. We look forward to publishing more contributions from him in the future.

    By ToddG on Nov 20, 2008

  5. Great material, effectively presented for the perpetual student like myself.

    Given my learning style, I needed a formatted hardcopy. I created a pdf file with all the live links and credits preserved. Can I get permission to provide the pdf version for those who would like to have a nicely formatted hardcopy from my website?

    By HowardCohodas on Nov 26, 2008

  6. I’m ok with that if Todd is.

    By John_Wayne777 on Dec 6, 2008

  7. It’s JW777’s work, I just stole it with permission. 8)

    If you create a pdf version, let me know … I’d be happy to host it here for folks who want to download again (again assuming JW777 is cool with it).

    By ToddG on Dec 7, 2008

  8. Well Todd, here I am again, back from the dead.

    I remember when JW first put this article out, most excellent!

    Is the .pdf version available anywhere thou?

    By JLM on May 24, 2010

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