LCP Recall Update

9-Dec-08 – 18:26 by ToddG

As we reported back in October, Ruger has recently recalled all of their LCP .380 pocket pistols due to the potential for discharging when dropped. The recall has gone into full swing, with many owners receiving the pre-paid boxes necessary to ship their guns back to Ruger free of charge. In fact, quite a few owners have already had their LCPs returned, fixed, along with a free magazine and a free Ruger hat for their troubles.

In addition to making the guns more drop safe, Ruger has apparently also addressed the complaint that a serious stoppage could be induced simply by short-stroking the trigger. Now, according to those who have received their upgraded pistols from Ruger, that is no longer possible. That is really good news and eliminates one of the only serious detractions from the gun in terms of defensive/back-up use.

My personal LCP is still sitting in its case waiting for the recall box and papers. Although I submitted all of the recall info on the very first day, so far the only response I’ve received was the automated email letting me know I was in the queue. 

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. Even though the first day people were supposed to be first, the box arrivals seem to have progressed slowly from west to east. Got my box Friday. Packed up LCP today for drop off tomorrow. I’m already suffering separation anxiety. Carrying my M&P 45c in the same pocket (weak side front pocket) just doesn’t bring the same satisfactions.

    By HowardCohodas on Dec 9, 2008

  3. Good – the short stroke issue was just amazing to me. I couldn’t believe even Ruger would release a product with such a horrible design. If they actually fix it maybe I’ll get one someday.

    By Phil on Dec 10, 2008

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