Get SOM & Speed Kills Seattle WA 26-27 March 2011

Dates: 26-27 March 2011
Cost: $400
Non-refundable deposit $200 to reserve slot

Instructor: Todd Louis Green
Location: Ravensdale, WA
Range: Cascade Shooting Facilities
Range fee: $30

Class size: maximum 12

Class Description: Get SOM (Shooting On the Move) is a fast-paced one day program devoted entirely to the fast and accurate operation of a handgun while moving. The class begins with fundamental techniques and progresses to topics such as changing direction, moving around barriers, and dealing with various hazards in a 360-degree world. Each student will have an opportunity to learn how speed of movement impacts speed of shooting and learn simple techniques to maximize proficiency under a variety of challenging circumstances.

Speed Kills is a one-day program about the intersection of speed and accuracy. Drills focus entirely on the ability to hit small, distant, and low-probability targets with confidence and surgical precision. Unlike typical marksmanship classes, however, Speed Kills will push shooters to make these difficult shots quickly and under stress. One-on-one diagnosis allows each student to learn at his own pace toward the goal of making the tough shot when time is not on your side.

Prerequisites: This is a fast-paced class suited to shooters who have already achieved proficiency with a handgun. At a minimum, prospective students should be capable of performing the following drill(s) on demand:
• Fire and hit a 3×5 card at 5 yards on demand (both double and single action as appropriate)
• Draw, fire 1 round, reload, fire 2 rounds (3 hits on 8” circle) at 7 yards in eight seconds
Individuals who cannot meet these requirements at the beginning of class will not be able to keep up with the fast and demanding pace of instruction.

Equipment Needed:
• Reliable semiauto handgun
• holster with suitable gunbelt
• Enough magazines, pouches, etc., to carry a minimum of 50 rounds to the firing line
• Minimum 1,000 rounds of ammunition (1,200+ recommended)
• Wrap-around eye protection; ear protection; brimmed hat

Instructor: Todd Louis Green has worked in the firearms industry since 1998, including instructing for the NRA Range, Beretta, and SIG-Sauer. He has over 1,000 hours of firearms and combatives training from such prestigious trainers as Ken Hackathorn, Ernest Langdon, Larry Vickers, SIG Academy, and Blackwater. A 3-time “Advanced” rated shooter at Rogers Shooting School, Todd is also a graduate of the NRA Tactical Pistol Instructor Development program and a 3 division Master-ranked IDPA competitor. Todd is a certified SIGARMS, Beretta, and Glock armorer; certified Simunition force-on-force instructor; and certified Emergency First Responder. He is also a long time member of IALEFI, IDPA, and USPSA.

Please contact Kevin Williams ( with any questions or to reserve your spot for this course.