PHID Culpeper VA 13-15 May 2011

Dates: Fr 13-May through Su 15-May 2011

Cost: $700
Non-refundable deposit of $350 to register
Range fee: included

Instructors: Todd Louis Green & Todd Kennedy
Location: Culpeper, VA
Facility: information will be provided to registered students
Class size:
maximum 16

Class Description:

Practical Handgun Instructor Development is a three-day workshop that deals with not just the “how” but also the “why” of practical handgun shooting techniques. PHID is focused on pedagogy rather than ideology, intended for those seeking to develop their teaching skills with proven methods used by some of the most highly respected training programs in the country. Class topics will include:

  • realistic lesson plan development
  • maintaining range safety
  • efficient and cost-effective range setup
  • teaching with confidence and competence
  • diagnosing and correcting shooter deficiencies
  • developmental techniques for struggling shooters
  • the use of both dry fire and live fire in an effective training environment

Each day will involve both classroom and range segments, with approximately two thirds of the class being live-fire. Students will spend considerable time diagnosing and coaching one another on the firing line. Students will conduct multiple range exercises to gain experience teaching and maintaining range safety under dynamic training conditions.

Prerequisites: This is an instructor-level program intended for competent shooters. Prior teaching experience is not required. At a minimum, prospective students should be capable of performing the following drills on demand:

  • Earn an Intermediate F.A.S.T. score (9.99 or better) on demand
  • Score at least a 45 on Dot Torture at a distance of 3yd

Individuals who cannot meet these requirements at the beginning of class will not be able to keep up with the fast and demanding pace of instruction. No refunds will be given to students who are unable to meet the prerequisites.

Equipment Needed:
• Reliable semiauto handgun
• Duty, range, or concealment holster with suitable gunbelt
• Enough magazines, pouches, etc., to carry a minimum of 50 rounds to the firing line
• Minimum 1,000 rounds of ammunition
• Wrap-around eye protection; ear protection; brimmed hat


Todd Louis Green has worked in the firearms industry since 1998, including instructing for the NRA Range, Beretta, and SIG-Sauer. He has over 1,000 hours of firearms and combatives training from such prestigious trainers as Ken Hackathorn, Ernest Langdon, Larry Vickers, SIG Academy, and Blackwater. A 3-time “Advanced” rated shooter at Rogers Shooting School, Todd is also a graduate of the NRA Tactical Pistol Instructor Development program and a 3 division Master-ranked IDPA competitor. Todd is a certified SIGARMS, Beretta, and Glock armorer; certified Simunition force-on-force instructor; and certified Emergency First Responder. He is also a long time member of IALEFI, IDPA, and USPSA.

Todd Kennedy is a twenty year law enforcement veteran with fifteen years experience as a federal law enforcement firearms instructor. He has worked for several federal agencies, to include the United States Secret Service, as a Special Agent and Divisional Firearms Instructor Coordinator, and is currently assigned as the Firearms Training Manager and Firearms Instructor Trainer for a major federal law enforcement agency at The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Todd Kennedy routinely trains with world class champions to include World and multi-time National Champion David Sevigny, Bob Vogel, Daniel Horner, Taran Butler, Travis Tomasie, Manny Bragg, Ernest Langdon and Scott Warren. He is a member of the United States Practical Shooting Association where he holds a “Grand Master” card in Production and “Master” cards is Limited and Limited- 10. Todd Kennedy also holds a Master card in the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

Contact below with any questions or to register.

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