Name the Drill, Win a Prize

5-Jun-09 – 17:36 by ToddG

sw_mp_vamd07Earlier this week, I was shooting with Scott Warren (of Warren Tactical) and we worked on something he’s adapted from one of Rob Leatham’s drills. It’s a pretty straightforward transition routine. You start with four steel chest plates at a range of 10yd, spaced three yards apart. On the buzzer, draw and engage one shot per target back and forth for 20 rounds. Goal is 100% hits in less than 10 seconds. Note that you do not “double” the targets on the end, you shoot them once and then reverse direction. So the sequence is: T1-T2-T3-T4-T3-T2-T1-T2, etc. There are no makeup shots. If you miss a plate, it’s a miss … move on to the next plate.
We’re planning to list this at the Drills page, but there’s a problem. The drill doesn’t have a name. How can you list a drill that doesn’t have a name? 
So Scott has offered to help us find a name. For 4 days, you can respond to this post with your idea for the perfect name to give this drill. Deadline is 11:59 PM EDT on Monday 8-June. Scott will choose the best suggestion and the winner will receive a free set of Warren Tactical sights

Even though you don’t need to shoot the drill to offer up a name, you should shoot it to appreciate the training factor. It’s easy to set up, and makes for a fast & simple drill to work your target to target transitions.

Please limit your suggestions to three (3) per person. 

So, let the names begin! ToddG

  1. 78 Responses to “Name the Drill, Win a Prize”

  2. Line ‘m up
    One at a time
    A target rich environment

    By Jim Zick on Jun 8, 2009

  3. Warren’s Whac-a-Steel

    By HowardCohodas on Jun 8, 2009

  4. +1 for “The Sprinkler”

    By red on Jun 8, 2009

  5. Wiper drill

    By Rick on Jun 8, 2009

  6. The Seesaw

    By Brett on Jun 8, 2009

  7. Serve the Plates
    One Per Serving
    Rack ‘em Up

    By Z on Jun 8, 2009

  8. 1) Warren’s 20 in <10
    2) Singles Please!!!
    3) Distinct Twenty

    By Lance P on Jun 8, 2009

  9. The Warren H.I.T.S. drill (horizontal immediate transitional shooting)

    Ugh… now my brain hurts.

    By james on Jun 8, 2009

  10. 1)TGO’s Talladega (Prison) Transition Drill

    TGO-“The Great One” for Leatham’s influence

    Talladega-even folks who no nothing about racing like myself would think speed. Also, I believe a federal prison in Talladega was the location of a successful raid by the FBI’s HRT in 1991 in which no one was killed. A nice juxtaposition considering the zombie nature of the drill.

    Besides who doesn’t like a little alliteration.

    2) The Tijuana Transition Drill

    In honor of some hombres I just discovered in a story from San Diego.

    3) Your wife and Her Three Naked Lovers Drill

    Just for the pun of it!

    By SC on Jun 8, 2009

  11. The “20-in-10 torture drill”

    By Lane on Jun 9, 2009

  12. I had one but my mobile phone wouldn’t post!

    How about the Blackbird Drill (four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie)???

    I’m always late to the dance! :)

    By ruminator on Jun 9, 2009

  13. The Four Horsemen drill

    By Chris Haseman on Jun 9, 2009

  14. The contest closed at 11:59 Monday night, folks. Entries have been submitted to Warren Tactical and they’ll choose. As soon as that happens, we’ll announce. Good luck to everyone!

    By ToddG on Jun 9, 2009

  15. Suggestion #1: 4 At 10, for 20 In 10

    Suggestion #2: 4 squared/10 squared

    By Jon Stein on Jun 9, 2009

  16. Whoops! In after the lock….oh well!

    Best, Jon

    By Jon Stein on Jun 9, 2009

  17. I’d call this drill the “Line ’em up, shoot ’em down” drill.


    By Chris17404 on Jun 10, 2009

  18. Alvin York

    By nordsieck on Jun 10, 2009

  19. “Damn, zombies ARE tough”, or DZAT.

    By William Aprill on Jun 10, 2009

  20. I would go with a music reference like “Scales”

    By Greg on Jun 15, 2009

  21. How about The “Warren Wave” ?

    By Rob Haught on Jun 17, 2009

  22. After much deliberation, meditation, and communing with the spirit of John M. Browning, Warren Tactical has selected hsoi as the contest winner. Congratulations, hsoi!

    By ToddG on Jun 25, 2009

  23. Whoo!

    Thank you Todd, thank you Scott!

    By hsoi on Jun 25, 2009

  24. congratulations hsoi! which one did they pick? #1 or #2?

    By David on Jun 25, 2009

  25. Nice!

    By jim on Jun 25, 2009

  26. I personally loved the “Warren Peace Drill” By Javier L

    By Erik on Jun 26, 2009

  27. It’s catchy and you would remember it.

    By Erik on Jun 26, 2009


    By MZIK on Jul 2, 2009

  29. Congrats

    I just saw this now and was going to suggest Domino or Ping-Pong…gets the chain reaction/back and forth feeling pretty down pat

    By MikeMan on Mar 28, 2011

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