M&P report: Accuracy

4-Jun-08 – 13:49 by ToddG

It seems we left out an important piece of information this past Monday regarding the M&P Torture Test. Right past the 10,000 round mark, we repeated the accuracy test:

  • Federal 124gr +p HST: 2.05″
    • week 1: 1.46″
  • CCI Blazer 115gr FMJ: 2.98″
    • week 1: 3.52″

Results are the average of five 5-shot groups with each load fired from sandbag rest at 25yd indoors. The group size is close enough to the original that the changes are probably more attributable to the shooter than the gun or ammo. The HST continues to be excellent and the Blazer is more than adequate for training and competition, especially for bargain-priced ammo!

We should be at 20,000 rounds by the end of June, and will follow up with another accuracy test then.

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  1. 5 Responses to “M&P report: Accuracy”

  2. T, I thought you shot the 124+P Gold Dot?

    By JLM on Jun 4, 2008

  3. JLM — Switched to the P9HST3 when I started using this gun. I’d still happily recommend the Gold Dot to anyone.

    By ToddG on Jun 5, 2008

  4. Any reason why you switched to the Federal? I’m just curious as I’ve run SGDHP 124 +P in all my nines, but I’m always open to something new

    By MCH on Jun 7, 2008

  5. IIRC, Todd was shooting the 124 grain +P Gold Dots because a) it’s good stuff and b) somebody gave him a case of it. Both excellent reasons, IMHO! It could be a similar situation here.

    I like Federal ammo because I prefer the softer primers…just an old revolver shooter, I guess.

    By Revchuck on Jun 7, 2008

  6. Revchuck is exactly right as to why I was shooting the Gold Dot. When my supply ran out, I had to buy something to replace it and the HST is getting such good results I decided to give it a try.

    By ToddG on Jun 8, 2008

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