M&P Monday: Week Nine

23-Jun-08 – 18:46 by ToddG

18,857 rounds
2 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 0 parts breakages

It was a 2,230 round week for the M&P9 Torture Test. Boringly, there is nothing to report in terms of function. The gun still hasn’t missed a beat. However, we did make one little change to the gun and then took it out to a local IDPA match to test things out… 

The change made to the gun this week was to borrow our own JohnO’s ingenious method for making the front sight more visible. You can see from this picture that my first attempt turned out rather disheveled looking, but it works great. The front sight is now incredibly visible indoors and out, and with the little hole punched in the middle for the Trijicon tritium capsule it works as well as ever in the low light, too. JohnO will be providing details on the how-to here at pistol-training.com in the coming weeks.

The rear sight, for those not familiar, is the outstanding Warren Tactical sight. 

How does it work? Pretty darn well if the past week is any indicator. I took the pistol to the Anne Arundel Fish & Game Association IDPA Club match on Saturday. In the morning we shot a very well designed 8-stage match that involved a lot of up close targets, including quite a few head shots. Then after the regular match, competitors were given the opportunity to shoot the IDPA Classifier. I turned in my personal all-time best score, 80.85 (with a total of ten points down). That bright red sight makes for fast, easy acquisition without compromising long range marksmanship.

A few other little changes are in store for this coming week, so be sure to check back with us next Monday for a full report. In the meantime, train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 9 Responses to “M&P Monday: Week Nine”

  2. Can you share that particular method for the front sight? I’ve had little luck with similar methods.

    My experience with the Warren rear is that they are excellent. The trijicon fronts are the problem I’ve seen – the white paint comes off and the front sight starts disappearing. I’ve also found those narrow front sights aren’t the answer to more daylight, but rather a solid Mepro (plastic white ring) front and a larger rear.

    That being said, a few of my guns are wearing Triji’s and I’d prefer to not have to completely replace them with mepro’s if your method works better.

    By Matt Hoffman on Jun 23, 2008

  3. Todd,
    I noticed the new sight at the match, but forgot to take a look at it. It was easily seen from a few yards away as soon as you drew the gun. I almost thought you had an F.O sight on there, almost.

    By chefdog on Jun 24, 2008

  4. I like it. I do the same thing, but use the working end of an FX cartridge to get some color into the picture. I definately need to get some Warren’s for the M&P. But I still need to get it back to the factory too…:(

    By Sean on Jun 24, 2008

  5. well if Truglo would get off their asses and make some red, green and orange Tritium/FibreOptic front sights for M&P’s you wouldn’t need to use nail polish to make your front sight more visible.

    By rob on Jun 24, 2008

  6. It’s not paint. It’s reflective tape.

    Matt — JohnO is planning to post detailed instructions in the coming weeks. He has excellent step by step procedures, photos, and even recommendations for the tools, tape, etc.

    rob — I am not a fan of the TFO sights. Tried ’em, didn’t like ’em. Too wide and once they start to get dirty you can’t replace the FO tube. In many indoor lighting conditions, there wasn’t enough ambient light for the FO but also too much light for the tritium to help. The concept is a solid one, it just needs to be better refined.

    By ToddG on Jun 24, 2008

  7. to be honest I’ve only tried Truglo once, at a night shoot, and loved them there. But like you say Todd, the concept it great. too bad they aren’t quite what I thought they were.

    By rob on Jun 24, 2008

  8. I have TruGlo’s on one of my custom 1911’s. I dig it. Have not had a single problem with having to replace the sight, or it getting dirty either. It is as bright today as it was when the gun came back from the gunsmith.

    Oh, I may need to add that I haven’t shot it yet either………:)

    By Sean on Jun 24, 2008

  9. Todd;
    Pending your friend’s detailed instructions re the sight mod,could you advise how you made the hole in the tape.
    I tried with an awl and the extra tape partially covered the tritium.

    By The Fish on Jul 3, 2008

  10. did you try using an x-acto knife? wouldn’t it be easier to get some dupli-color engine paint in chevy orange and use that? it’s heat & chemical resistant.

    who broke the m&p-pistol website?

    By David on Jul 3, 2008

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