M&P Monday: Week Eleven

7-Jul-08 – 01:00 by ToddG

22,421 rounds
2 stoppages, 0 malfunctions, 0 parts breakages

After about 3,500 rounds, the Performance Center sear is still working great in conjunction with the Massachusetts trigger bar & trigger spring. From the originalĀ 6Ā½ pound trigger pull, it’s now smoothed out to an even 6 pounds.

The JohnO front sight modification is also going strong after three weeks and countless draws from the holster. Later this week, we’ll be receiving a prototype of Scott Warren’s upcoming tritium night sight for the M&P which should provide an ideal sight picture for day and night.

Have we mentioned how HOT the M&P gets when shot rapidly? While not an issue for most people under normal use, the takedown lever in particular becomes very hot to the touch during extended practice sessions especially when the weather is already warm. How hot? Hot enough to burn skin through a kydex holster! When Rich at Custom Carry Concepts heard about the problem, he offered to modify my Looper holster with an ingenious fix that does a perfect job insulating the gun. By precisely cutting leather to the dimensions of the holster, CCC was able to create a genuine heat shield for the Looper. Bulk is negligible, and the leather actually adds to the holster’s grip against your clothing which means less holster shift during movement. This in turn means an even more consistent, faster draw. We’ll get up some photos next time.

See you next week …

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  1. 15 Responses to “M&P Monday: Week Eleven”

  2. i’m going through withdrawal from the m&p boards, is 25,000 the mark you said you’d take pictures of the pistol at? is it still on the same striker which came in the pistol?

    By David on Jul 7, 2008

  3. I’ll probably try to take more pics at the 25k point, yes. The striker was replaced as part of the 20k service interval. mp-pistol.com is up & running …

    By ToddG on Jul 8, 2008

  4. i’ve tried with safari and firefox all i get is an “IPS Driver Error” page. maybe they banned me… about time!

    By David on Jul 8, 2008

  5. David – I got my butt booted from there. No REAL reason, but I suffered the SAME withdrawal. I had to get over it – you get to go back. But I hear that they’re up for you – enjoy!

    By berkbw on Jul 8, 2008

  6. Ditto on the searing power of the take-down lever!
    I’ve found it starts to become almost untouchable once I exceed 200 fairly brisk rounds (working “Double Bill drills”, etc.).
    Not as bad as parts of an H&K P-series, but still pretty toasty.

    By William Aprill on Jul 9, 2008

  7. Hey Todd, a comment and a couple of questions. First, thanks for publishing the results of these tests, this stuff is great.

    Q1: Should everybody plan on replacing strikers at 20K rounds for maintenance? I’m the maximus from the M&P boards that had the broken strikers issue.

    Q2: Do you happen to know what’s up with the M&P boards? I’ve been trying yesterday and today, and I keep getting this “IP driver error” or “no such domain exists” type of stuff.

    By maximus on Jul 12, 2008

  8. I’ve got no idea what’s up with the mp-pistol.com forum. It’s definitely been flaking in and out lately.

    I don’t know whether people need to replace their strikers at 20k. But as a preventative maintenance thing, especially since Smith has come out with an improved striker earlier this year, it wouldn’t hurt anything if you did.

    By ToddG on Jul 12, 2008

  9. you should make a forum on here. i’m thinking it will be years before i hit 20K rounds, i just crossed 2000 a while back and with a 45 ammo prices will make it even slower. i have a couple of extra strikers but hopefully i’ll never need to use them. did you get the warren NS on wednesday?

    By David on Jul 12, 2008

  10. Negative on the forum; there are plenty of great ones out there already. The problem with mp-pistol seems to be attached to their DNS registration. It might take a day or two to get sorted out.

    Also negative on the Warrens, they did not arrive in time for my Wednesday session. I’m hoping to get them before I hit the range on Monday.

    By ToddG on Jul 13, 2008

  11. Well I’ve confirmed that it isn’t just me, as regards the MP forum DNS issues. I’ve checked on the PC’s of 3 different friends, people who aren’t even members of the forum and have never been there, and nobody else is able to access MP-Pistol.com. If anyone on here is able to access it, please let me know your secret!

    By maximus on Jul 14, 2008

  12. i’ve tried it on 3 macs and on PC and it’s not working. the only thing i’m even bummed about with the boards being down is the pictures toddg was going to post of the gun at 25,000. if he puts them on here then that would fix that problem. i’m curious what the barrel, locking block and striker(s) look like after that many rounds going down it.

    By David on Jul 14, 2008

  13. Hey Todd…….got my baby back today…..not sure if you remember my PM to you a while back. At any rate its back and ready for a test run. Keep up the good work on the torture test……looks like things are going good.

    By Necritan on Jul 14, 2008

  14. Hey Todd, about the mp-pistol forum, I got a message that the domain-name had expired, do you know what that`s all about, feel kind of lost without the good discussions in there every day, hehe…

    By shovelhead on Jul 15, 2008

  15. Todd can you please post pictures of ur semi-modded looper. It sounds like the mole skin solution others were working on I’m just curious how leather would look =)

    By Russell / SS713 on Jul 16, 2008

  16. Russell — I’ll get some pics and discussion about the heat-shield Looper up here within the next day or so. It is running great.

    By ToddG on Jul 17, 2008

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