25-Feb-11 – 10:00 by ToddG

As many of you guessed, the teaser from earlier this week was for a new online discussion forum as part of the pistol-training.com community. Thanks to the incredibly hard work of Jay Cunningham, Tom Jones, LittleLebowski, and TCinVA, pistol-forum.com went from a vague idea to a reality in less than 72 hours.

And shortly, we’ll be swinging open the doors of the new forum for anyone who wants to participate. In keeping with pistol-training.com‘s persistent theme, the forum will be a place for shooters of all levels to participate and share. It’s a place where professionals will act like professionals, enthusiasts will act like adults, and everyone will have fun and capitalize on the opportunity to learn.

We already have a core group of Subject Matter Experts who have offered to participate on the forum, people whose time and advice are much sought after in the training community and firearms industry. We’re extremely lucky and thankful to have their generous involvement.

OK, enough bragging. You want to know when you can sign up and sign in, right?

At 12 o’clock noon today (EST), the doors will open on pistol-forum.com. And to start things off, we’re having a special give-away. The first five people to register will receive a free lifetime subscription to the premium Site Supporter membership package. Another five registrants will be randomly picked from among everyone who registers in the first 48 hours and they will receive free Site Supporter status as well! Each membership prize is valued at $1,000,000! (note: prize value estimation is based on a life expectancy of 40,000 years)

We look forward to seeing you at pistol-forum.com!

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

  1. 14 Responses to “pistol-forum.com”

  2. Awesome! I’ll be joining up when I get back from lunch.

    By Jesse on Feb 25, 2011

  3. Awesome!!!
    I’ll sign up asap!!

    By Prdator on Feb 25, 2011

  4. Congratulations. Just signed up.
    David Barnes
    VCD Grips

    By vcdgrips on Feb 25, 2011

  5. Also signed up, cuz I has awesome timing.

    By Frank on Feb 25, 2011

  6. I expect a lot of great content to come.

    By derekb on Feb 25, 2011

  7. Another forum I’m way too uncool for! 😀

    By Tam on Feb 25, 2011

  8. Oh, great! Not only do I have to read your blog, but now I’ve got to check the forum, too!

    You know, us old retired guys only have so much time! 😀

    By MikeM on Feb 25, 2011

  9. Great idea Todd

    By Dan P on Feb 25, 2011

  10. Jeez…I’m glad to see this.

    By JohnN on Feb 25, 2011

  11. Well I definately won’t make as much of an ass of myself on this site as I did during my VERY short stint on Calibers…

    By Will on Feb 26, 2011

  12. Signed up as well.

    By Frank B on Feb 26, 2011

  13. Cool, I just signed up. Wish I had a chance to be one of the first five, but such is life.

    By chuck on Feb 27, 2011

  14. This is a great site. I am sure that everyone here appreciates your efforts.

    By Jim on Feb 28, 2011

  15. I can’t wait. There are plenty of forums where the focus is gear, but not enough on training.

    By AfterWork_Ninja on Feb 28, 2011

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