Putting Perfection to the Test

11-Mar-11 – 10:13 by ToddG

The 2011 pistol-training.com endurance test gun is going to be a Gen4 Glock 17.

As many of you know, I had my hands on some of the very first Gen4 pistols (G22’s) in existence while consulting on the ATF New Weapon System contract awarded last year. At the time, the Gen4 guns seemed likely to create a renewed wave of monopoly for the Austrian firm thanks to improved ergonomics and a redesigned recoil system intended to address issues with the .40-cal pistols. Then the 9mm guns started to ship, and problems were reported by many early adopters. Even some high profile law enforcement agencies that had been long time Glock customers tested the 9mm Gen4 and found it wanting.

So Glock went back to the drawing board and tweaked the pistols. But now the seemingly unassailable reputation of the G17 has been put to question. Is it really fixed? Do they really work as well as the older Glocks which have become synonymous with the word “reliability” to many shooters?

My own Gen4 19 also had problems. At first the issue appeared to be due to improper reassembly. Then it continued to have the same type of stoppage even after the gun was put back together correctly… eight stoppages in less than 400 rounds of combined FMJ and +p JHP. So, I shipped the G19 back to Glock. After inspection, they concurred that something was in fact wrong and that a simple recoil spring replacement wouldn’t solve it. They asked to keep the pistol for further analysis and instead they would send me a new one. Due to the vagaries of Maryland law, they’re sending me a G17 instead (with my complete approval).

The gun coming from Glock won’t be the one we’re testing, though.

This year, pistol-training.com is testing a gun that came right off the rack at a local gun shop. I literally walked in, asked if they had a Gen4 17 in stock, and handed over the credit card. An absolutely ridiculous amount of ammunition is on its way from our friends at ATK. The folks at Ameriglo are sending a set of their i-dot Pro sights. Vickers Tactical is sending one of their improved slide stop levers. A couple of new appendix holsters are on their way from 5 Shot Leather and Cane & Derby, as well as some tactical gear from Safariland. Surefire even sent along a new X300 and DG switch.

But the gun… the gun is just coming from the local shop. Glock didn’t send it. Glock didn’t pay for it. Glock isn’t even involved in — or sanctioning — the test.

You wanted an independent test of a 9mm Gen4 Glock. You got it.

Look for the first “Gen4 Friday” report on 18-March.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. @ FM
    That’s odd, our local gun store in Frederick had a Gen4 19 for sale last month when I bought my Gen4 17. Perhaps it was a mixup.

    By CJ on Mar 15, 2011

  3. Todd, don’t forget a pair of Talon grips!!

    On a seperate note, I’m active duty Coast Guard and came across this site while looking for info that would help me improve in CG’s practical shooting courses. Of all the sites I came across this is the one that I keep coming back to, I just want to say thanks for such an outstanding website and to keep up the good work!

    Can’t wait to see how the G17 holds up and to get your opinion of the ameriglo sights!

    By chris on Mar 15, 2011

  4. @ CJ- That could very well be. I’ve heard conflicting accounts from several folks on this issue.

    By FM on Mar 16, 2011

  5. Gun shops might sell them, but the State Police (in Maryland) will not “not disapprove” the sale if they know it’s a gen4 19 or 23. The 17 and 22 are already on the Not Disapproved for Sale list.

    I’d be willing to bet you a steak dinner that if your shop submits paperwork that simply says “Glock 19” the State Police will call to verify whether it’s pre-gen4 or a gen4 gun.

    (of course, all of this applies only to folks in Maryland)

    By ToddG on Mar 16, 2011

  6. Another reason to love the south! You’ve got to admit that it wasn’t that bad down in Jaw-ja..

    By Sean M on Mar 16, 2011

  7. What will the cleaning/lube schedule be?

    What CLP are you going to use?

    I would like to see you use something relatively high performance and non-toxic/biodegradeable/non-stinking like SLIP 2000 EWL, FrogLube (a little breath mint smell), or Grant Cunningham’s Lubriplate oil and grease recs (for food processing equipment). Rodgers vouches for the SLIP 2000 EWL stuff (it is genuine milspec rated) and so far I have been impressed in my useage.

    BTW I’ve used Militec 1 and I think it is an ok C, a decent dry L (for dry dirt, lint, sand), and a lousy P (which makes it lousy for continuous wet conditions). Its worst property is it makes my nose itch (that wonderful chlorine compound). I dont use it anymore since getting SLIP 2K EWL.

    Since your the pistol T+E man dont you, then lets T+E some lube too. I somehow think that SLIP 2000, Frog or the like will sent a product sample along.

    By P30man on Mar 16, 2011

  8. Just got a g17 gen4 can’t wait! Hoping it holds up or reveals problems to be aware of.

    By Al LaBiche on Mar 16, 2011

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