Small Errors

5-Oct-12 – 01:24 by ToddG

Here’s a photo from the Aim Fast Hit Small class this past weekend. Remember, they’re only hostages until you shoot them… then they’re co-conspirators.

Students had 2.5 seconds to turn, identify the correct target (out of three possible), draw, and hit the 3×5 head box. Each was partially obscured by one of the hostage targets above.

And you always sign hostages co-conspirators after you shoot them.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. and apparently boot stomp them too

    By Rob E on Oct 5, 2012

  3. Do you still have to register boots over size 10 in Canada?

    By ToddG on Oct 5, 2012

  4. Well done Todd!!!!

    By Prdator on Oct 5, 2012

  5. Hey if they didn’t want to be a hostage they should have had their own gun.

    By Jesse on Oct 5, 2012

  6. At our USPSA match, we put a white sticker on your shirt in the same location you shot the collaborator.

    By Brice on Oct 5, 2012

  7. If you don’t mind saying, what was the distance and what differentiated the hostages from the threat target? Did they all have a 3×5 card on them?

    By OrigamiAK on Oct 5, 2012

  8. Proud to be on the wall of shame. Twice. Once for following the Keanu Reeves theory of “shoot the hostage” and the other time for not making the PAR.

    Threat targets were given a bright yellow 3×5, partially obscured to various degrees by the hostage targets. I can’t remember exactly, but I think the distance was 5 yards.

    By SamuelBLong on Oct 5, 2012

  9. Targets were 5-7yd away depending on the exact drill. Each threat (3×5) was about 2/3 obscured, each in a different way (across, sideways, diagonally). Hitting the hostage or failing to get a 3×5 hit within PAR required a signature.

    By ToddG on Oct 5, 2012

  10. During on of the strings, I believe it was the “El Prez” string, I managed to hit every hostage target, most of them twice. Upon this realization, Todd drew his gun and placed a SHO head shot in each target…I think it was to ensure the job was done. Hilarious.

    By Josh (BOM) on Oct 5, 2012

  11. Thanks for the specifics. Cool drill!

    By OrigamiAK on Oct 5, 2012

  12. Also, That is my foot print.

    By Josh (BOM) on Oct 5, 2012

  13. Bet nobody who wasn’t there can identify my signature!

    By GJM on Oct 5, 2012

  14. Having signed my name more than once in this process, and having observed the pasters on “hostages” at IDPA/KSTG matches, I will never let myself be taken alive.

    Considering the results among people who put the time/money/effort in to train on their own and are under minimal, artificial stress, there’s no way I’m going to feel confident that anyone short of ST6 is going to rescue me sans aftermarket holes in that situation.

    By Arclight on Oct 6, 2012

  15. Todd: Joe Stalin made this all clear years ago: “Better let 10 innocent men suffer than one guilty one go free.” And I mean who doesn’t want to go all NKVD from time to time?

    By SteveJ on Oct 6, 2012

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