Heirloom at 2,000

5-Feb-15 – 02:01 by ToddG

It took more than a month to get there, but the Jason Burton Heirloom Precision 9mm Commander broke the 2,000 round mark on Wednesday. A detailed description of the gun part by part is in the works along with plenty of new photos.

Thanks as always to the pistol-training.com Heirloom Project sponsors:


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  2. Any malfunctions?

    By L.T. on Feb 6, 2015

  3. Yes, but so far they’ve all been when testing magazines (the “Super Mags” may be over-sprung for my compromised grip) or experimenting with lighter recoil springs.

    With an 11# variable spring — which is what I’ve settled on — and regular Dawson magazines the gun hasn’t skipped a beat for me. In other folks’ hands it has run more reliably but obviously I’m primarily looking to make sure it runs for me. 😎

    By ToddG on Feb 7, 2015

  4. Does this mean the P229 test is on hold?

    By Mark on Feb 9, 2015

  5. Mark — Yes, and quite possibly permanently. I’m not sure if I’ll recover the necessary finger/grip strength to manipulate the DA trigger pull regularly enough to make frequent practice realistic.

    By ToddG on Feb 9, 2015

  6. I wish you had a dedicated page for each test gun showing the config of each and links to each week’s report.

    By Edwin Garcia on Feb 18, 2015

  7. Edwin: If you go over to “TOPICS” on the right column of the page there will be a section called “Range Reports” and each test gun is listed there. It will bring up (in reverse order) each report from each individual test gun.

    I’m not specifically doing regular reports for the Heirloom gun, but it is listed under “GEAR” instead of range reports because the discussions began before I even had it in my possession. I’ll probably change it for convenience’s sake just to keep them all together even though the Heirloom gun isn’t specifically aimed at shooting 50k through the gun in a year or anything like that.

    By ToddG on Feb 23, 2015

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