Gadget Striker Control Device

3-Jul-15 – 03:00 by ToddG


Tau Development Group is proud to announce that fans of the long-awaited Gadget Striker Control Device will be able to participate in our upcoming crowdfunding program. Exact details will be posted here on the day the campaign begins, Friday July 10th.

The Gadget Striker Control Device allows the user to impede movement of the action of a Glock — similar to placing your thumb on the hammer of a hammer fired gun — to reduce the odds of an AD while holstering.

Those who contribute at least $55 will automatically receive a Gadget Striker Control Device. That’s below MSRP and even includes free shipping! Additional contribution options will include receiving multiple “Gadgets” at an even greater discount. This way, you’ll be able to put your name on the list for a guaranteed unit from the very first production run.

Additionally, for those who are the earliest of early adopters, the first five contributors will receive a Gadget Striker Control Device for merely a $1 contribution.

And for anyone else who participates on the first day, the required contribution level for a shipped Gadget Striker Control Device will be just $50.

The campaign will run for forty-five days. Once it ends, no further orders will be accepted until all of the qualifying contributors have received their Gadget Striker Control Device.

Todd Green & Tom Jones sincerely appreciate the patience and enthusiasm so many of you have demonstrated over the past few years while we jumped through all the necessary hoops to deliver a tested, proven product that we can stand behind with pride. And to all of our beta testers, thank you for the huge role you played. This could not have happened without you.

See you next Friday.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG & TomJ

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  2. The program is US-only or covers also foreing countries (EU)?

    By yarco on Jul 3, 2015

  3. Nice. Prepare to be overrun.

    By SamuelBLong on Jul 3, 2015

  4. Interesting. I think this will be a big seller.

    By DaveS on Jul 3, 2015

  5. yarco — US-only for now due to State Department regulations.

    By ToddG on Jul 3, 2015

  6. Put me down for one. I’m guessing I have to wait until the 10th to pay.

    By Jay Baker on Jul 3, 2015

  7. Okay, Todd, where’s my link for sign-up? I have this money which I need to send in. You’ve got the FOMO– now you need to direct the traffic for us rabble to head for the chutes.

    By Matt G on Jul 3, 2015

  8. ‘BOUT TIME!!!

    Good luck with the crowdfunding. I’ll sign up

    By NWGlocker on Jul 3, 2015

  9. The only reason I’m not buying one is I don’t currently own a Glock pistol, but as soon as I do own one again this will be the first modification I make. I wish you success with this project.

    By Gerard on Jul 3, 2015

  10. I’m in and not just for the Gadget. If anyone at a Glock is reading this you should know that this device is going to put me over the top for buying one of your pistols. I currently carry a Sig 290RS and one of the main reasons is that I can place my thumb over the hammer when reholstering. Great idea and I hope the skies open up and the money pours down. This looks like one of those ideas where people sit around and think “why didn’t I come up with that”. Congratulations and good luck, I’ll be in on day one and I don’t even have the pistol yet.

    By ShannonS on Jul 3, 2015

  11. Is the M&P model out yet?

    By Dave on Jul 3, 2015

  12. Dave — While our patent covers the M&P, because the M&P striker is fully cocked when the gun is loaded it will require a different approach (and probably machining of the slide) to make work properly.

    By ToddG on Jul 3, 2015

  13. Is there a link for those of us who want to save it and schedule out purchase? I heard it’s going to be at Indiegogo, but nothing else.
    $55 is a great price!!!! $50 is the deal of the year on such a thoroughly tested device. People pay that for Ghost Connector kits!!

    By Joe on Jul 3, 2015

  14. URL won’t be available until we go live on the 10th.

    By ToddG on Jul 3, 2015

  15. My review of this device.

    By Bax on Jul 4, 2015

  16. Thanks, Bax! Incredible write up and explanation.

    By ToddG on Jul 4, 2015

  17. My hat is off to anyone who can come up with a sorely needed “improvement” to an already world-class design! It just goes to show…..nothing is perfect……and almost anything can usually be improved on if one tries hard enough.

    My only beef with Glock, (the company), is their customer “service” dept. Let’s just say, their attitude towards their customers who have things ordered is “less than helpful” at best, and downright deplorable at worst.

    By Charley Carlton on Jul 4, 2015

  18. I read where you said the patent covers the M&P, would it cover other striker fired models like the HK VP9 and Walther PPQ? I don’t really understand why Walther went away from the exposed, protruding striker indicator they have on the PPS when the developed the PPQ.

    By ShannonS on Jul 4, 2015

  19. ShannonS — Our patent covers many different means of preventing the gun from discharging via a Gadget-like device, including methods that would require current designs (like the VP9 and M&P) to modify their slides to function.

    We have a really good intellectual property attorney. 😎

    By ToddG on Jul 4, 2015

  20. Are you planning an XD version?

    By AlanW on Jul 5, 2015

  21. AlanW: Not in the immediate future.

    By ToddG on Jul 6, 2015

  22. Does it swing freely? Is there anything that prevents debris from getting under it?

    By Stu on Jul 6, 2015

  23. Stu — Nothing keeps it from swinging but the fitment is such that it’s not usually flopping around in the wind so to speak. 😎

    In testing so far we’ve had no “debris” issues and this includes hundreds of ground fights in the dirt (thanks to Craig “SouthNarc” Douglas for that!). However, the inner plate of the Gadget provides as much if not more protection against contamination than the OEM part.

    If something theoretically got stuck between the inner plate and the outer lever, the Gadget would “stay open” which means it would not provide the additional protection while holstering, but it would not impede the striker in any way so would not affect firing the gun.

    By ToddG on Jul 6, 2015

  24. Wow! Craig Douglas’s involvement sure carries a lot of weight!

    By Stu on Jul 6, 2015

  25. So if we submit/pledge $110/$100 dollars on Day 1, does that garrantee us 2 gadgets or just 1?

    By Will on Jul 8, 2015

  26. Will, there will be perks (as the are called in Indiegogo parlance) that allow you to buy 1, 2, 10, or even 100 gadgets on Day 1 (with the unit cost decreasing as you buy more). The Day 1 prices will be a little lower than the prices for the rest of the campaign. The prices after Day 1 will still be a little less than the MSRP after the campaign is over.

    By Tom Jones on Jul 8, 2015

  27. And shipping will be free!

    By ToddG on Jul 9, 2015

  28. hi
    i would love to sell this here in South Africa

    By 3% on Jul 18, 2015

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