Gadget Campaign Begins In:

9-Jul-15 – 14:37 by ToddG
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  2. You are taunting us! (And it’s working. I want that clock to speed up).

    By SteveJ on Jul 9, 2015

  3. Yeah, I want the INDIEGOGO URL so I can have everything ready to go tonight. ;o)

    PS–have you mentioned a “delivery estimate” yet for those of us who order on the first day?

    By Joe on Jul 9, 2015

  4. Is it wrong that I am using this as a cooking timer right now?

    By David on Jul 9, 2015

  5. Joe: the url will be posted when the timer reaches zero.

    Delivery estimate is November 2015.

    By ToddG on Jul 9, 2015

  6. Doh. I have a concealed carry class with Mike Pannone on Sept 19-20. Perhaps I can find someone from whom I can borrow one for the weekend since mine won’t be here yet.
    I was/am dreading reholstering all day since I’m a big guy and (a) can’t see the IWB holster, and (b) have shirts that LOVE to try to get in my holster.
    Thanks again for a GREAT IDEA and product brought to market at such an affordable price!!

    By Joe on Jul 9, 2015

  7. I guess no deliveries to Spainistan, aren’t you?

    Damn it! I won’t be able to get the gadget.

    By Mohican on Jul 9, 2015

  8. Thanks for sparing me from sitting here all night refreshing your page and mouth breathing Todd. 😀

    By Jason F on Jul 9, 2015

  9. Since I’m on PST, looks like I’ll be up watching archer reruns tonight.

    By Sidheshooter on Jul 9, 2015

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