30-Jul-15 – 09:06 by ToddG

pistol-training.com reached its 10,000,000th visitor in July. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, commented, read, and supported this site over the past eight years. It’s been incredible watching this place grow from nothing (less than 300 visitors in its first month back in September 2007) into a resource for shooters.

The 10M landmark was reached, coincidentally, on the 10th of the month. Which also happens to be the day we announced the Gadget Indiegogo campaign so that also played a role in pushing us over the top. Another thank you to everyone involved in that, as well.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. Thank you and the other contributors for providing such an invaluable community resource. I learn something with every visit.

    By Franky2Shoes on Jul 30, 2015

  3. Why does “pistol-training.com” have to be in bold orange font? This greatly disturbs me and pains me so much that I was not able to sleep. It reeks of advertising. I see you bolded the “10,000,000th” but not the “10M”, why is this?

    Yes bolded is a word.

    By David on Jul 30, 2015

  4. David — I did it because my dog told me to. Actually, my dog told me to do something that would pain you and make you unable to sleep, and this was just the first thing that came to mind.

    Wait until you find out what else we have in store for you…

    By ToddG on Jul 30, 2015

  5. You have a great website Todd, I’m glad it’s been a success

    By Gerard on Jul 30, 2015

  6. Thank you!

    By ToddG on Jul 30, 2015

  7. Well done. I’m on several sites, and I find that pistol-training.com and pistol-forum.com are consistently two of the most useful web sites for serious shooters. Thanks for making them what they are–and for keeping them that way.

    Okie John

    By Okie John on Jul 30, 2015

  8. Todd be saying: “Wait until you find out what else we have in store for you…”

    I be all like, if you italicize or underline something in bold I’m going to lose it.

    By David on Jul 31, 2015

  9. Nice dude, nice.

    By Rob E on Aug 1, 2015

  10. David — It will all be ok.

    By ToddG on Aug 1, 2015

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