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All easily concealable on the belt and in pockets of a pair of jeans and an untucked polo shirt. What’s in your wallet?

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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  2. What ammo (brand, etc) do you carry?

    By Mark Davis on Nov 17, 2015

  3. – 9mm Shield in a Crossbreed Minituck
    – Spare mag
    – SOG Mini Instinct
    – CRKT Pazoda II so I don’t scare the horses if I need a knife to open a package or similar
    – Leatherman PS
    – TruNite 2xAAA light

    By KevinC on Nov 17, 2015

  4. – 9mm Walther PPS in a Dark Star Gear AIWB
    – Spare mag in a Blue Force Gear 10speed pouch
    – Benchmade mini Griptilian folder
    – ShivWorks Clinch Pick
    – Foursevens Quark Tactical 123 (210 lumens)
    – flip phone πŸ˜›

    By Irelander on Nov 17, 2015

  5. -Glock 17A/Inforce APL, in an RDR IWB @ the 3 o’clock.
    -17 round spare mag, in a comp-tac pouch.
    -Benchmade Mini-Barrage.
    -Coye Ridgeback, in an RDR horizontal belt sheath.
    -Surefire L4 Lumamax.
    -Burtz Beez Wax, with the lable pulled off.

    By Eli F. on Nov 17, 2015

  6. .40 cal G35 in a CCC Shaggy or Keepers
    – Spare mag in a CCC Mag Carrier
    – Gerber Curve mini pocket tool
    – ShivWorks Clinch Pick
    – Foursevens Quark Tactical 123 (210 lumens)
    -G IPhone on Personal IPhone
    -Parker Jotter or Zebra 701 or Pilot Petite
    Rhodia # 11 Notebook

    By David Barnes on Nov 17, 2015

  7. Glock 17 (cut to 19) in a Zorn Wraith AIWB
    Glock 17 magazine
    Spyderco Rescue
    Streamlight Mircostream
    Cred Wallet

    By 60167 on Nov 17, 2015

  8. Not seeing much in the way of FA or GSW gear, guys.

    @Mark Davis: I use Federal 124gr +p HST.

    By ToddG on Nov 17, 2015

  9. HK VP9 in CCC Looper
    Spare Mag in custom leather Pouch
    Emerson CQC 8
    Joe Watson PIkal
    SureFire G2ZX
    Sof T Tourniquet
    14ga Catheter needle
    iPhone 6
    (plan on adding the Surefire XC1 and gauze ASAP)

    By Rodney Ledbetter on Nov 17, 2015

  10. G19 in a Looper by Custom Carry Concepts
    G17 spare mag in a Galco magazine carrier
    Zero Tolerance 0350
    Surefire E2D
    Steinhart watch
    iPhone 4
    Spare diaper in cargo pocket (new dad)

    By Cody on Nov 17, 2015

  11. Gold coins and this piece of lint.

    By William Devane on Nov 17, 2015

  12. Wilson Compact 9mm w/ rail and X300U in a Gunfighters IWB holster
    Spare 10 rd mag in a Comp-tac mag carier
    Bullhide Belts “Holey belt”
    Spyderco Police 3
    Surefire EB-1 Backup light
    Homemade IFAK
    Quikclot gauze
    3′ duct tape (this and the bag work for a seal)
    misc bandaids that will work for closures

    By Rick R on Nov 17, 2015

  13. Glock 27 Gen 4
    G22 spare mag
    Kershaw Blur
    StreamLight ProTac1L
    S&W Handcuffs (at work) or Tuff-Ties (free time)

    All of it held up by a Kramer double thick horsehide belt.

    By MarkF on Nov 18, 2015

  14. Not seeing much in the way of FA or GSW gear, guys.

    Yeah, that’s something I’m working on. I have a trauma kit in the car, but that’s just not close enough these days. I like that Cleer kit a lot, but I hate carrying things in my back pocket. I’m looking around for a small pouch that can discreetly carry the Cleer kit on my belt on the support side under my cover garment.

    By KevinC on Nov 18, 2015

  15. KevinC:
    Not inexpensive, but comes fully stocked *and* it’s not much bigger than a pair of mag pouches.

    I’m the exact opposite. I don’t like a lot of stuff on my belt, my belt is for weapons. Even my flashlight lives in my pocket.

    By ToddG on Nov 18, 2015

  16. On Active Duty it’s a bit different for CONUS…

    To and from work:
    – Wallet w/ DL, CAC, Security Badge, and credit cards
    – iPhone 6 w/ Magpul Bump Case
    – Gerber Folding Pocket Knife (I forgot the model)
    – Car Keys

    Off Base:
    Everything mentioned above, plus:
    – Beretta M9 Pistol in Raven Concealment Modular Holster (OWB or IWB depending on season)
    – (1) Extra 15rd Magazine in Front Pocket or (2) Extra 15rd Magazines in Raven Concealment Double Magazine Pouch
    – Smith & Wesson M442 Revolver in Raven Concealment Modular IWB Holster, Pocket Holster, or Trigger Guard Holster
    – 5rd Tuff Speed Strip
    Ammunition: 9mm – Speer Gold Dot 124+P or .38SPL – Speer Gold Dot 135+P Short Barrel

    By Steve on Nov 18, 2015

  17. A little bit of research on Amazon shows that the Cleer kit with tourniquet will fit quite nicely into a case for an iPhone 6+.

    Problem, meet solution.

    By KevinC on Nov 19, 2015

  18. What sights are on the gun, Todd?

    By tlew on Nov 22, 2015

  19. HK P30L with yellow Trijicon HD nights in a JM Custom AIWB
    Spare mag with Freelance extender in a Kytex mag carrier
    Zero Tolerance 0350 M390
    Streamlight ProTac 1L
    Cleer Medical

    By Derick on Nov 23, 2015

  20. tlew — They were Ameriglo CAP front/Operator rear. Since that photo was taken I’ve switched to Warren Tacticals.

    By ToddG on Nov 23, 2015

  21. I would greatly appreciate the help obtaining my first concealed carry firearm.


    By Shawn Manley on Nov 24, 2015

  22. ^^^

    By MarkF on Nov 26, 2015

  23. Todd,

    What turned you on to the Colonel blade? This is the first place I saw it. Looks like an interesting design. I like the videos on the website.

    By Irelander on Dec 2, 2015

  24. Irelander — Sorry for the late reply.

    A very close friend who is also a slicey/stabby expert suggested it given my particular needs, skill level, and physical limitations. He said it wasn’t the best knife for him but would probably be ideal for me. It’s definitely confidence-inspiring for me, given my lack of serious knife work training. Every jab is a stab, makes it pretty simple.

    By ToddG on Dec 3, 2015

  25. Glock 22
    Keepers AIWB holster
    Spare mag in Custom Carry Concepts BMG
    Streamlight Microstream
    Bark River Bravo Necker 2
    Parachord bracelet
    Parker stainless steel pen
    Belt badge and/or DSM banner
    Credentials in the back pocket, money clip in the front.

    By Damon on Dec 4, 2015

  26. Smith & Wesson M&P9C
    Spare Mag
    Hornady 9mm TAP Defense Ammo
    CompTac MTAC IWB Holster
    Surefire Flashlight “The Backup”
    Boker Small but Functional Magnum Knive.. I need a better one but I have been Competing a lot last 2 years both IPSC and IDPA…. so everytime Im going to buy a new Knive my Competitor Soul tells me “get more ammo…”
    QuikClot and first aid kit in my back pack.

    Best regards and Happy Holidays Todd, I have been away from Comments for a while but always a Fan.

    God Bless and Pura vida from Costa Rica

    By sebasvega on Dec 4, 2015

  27. Colt LW Commander. .38 Super (I know, I’m weird)
    Milt Sparks iwb leather
    1-2 Spare mags

    Benchmade 940
    Streamlight microstream and/or a 10yo Surefire 6PLED with a Makoff head

    I have a few other things I roll in from time to time.

    By MattNW on Dec 9, 2015

  28. This is way better than a brick & mortar esttalishmenb.

    By Rheynon on Dec 13, 2015

  29. Wallet, car keys, phone
    Springfield XDM 3.8, .45acp,
    Rogers Custom Kydex at appendix
    1 13rd Reload
    Boker Mosier at the center line-ish
    Kershaw Scamp in strong side pocket
    Streamlight 2L
    Wilderness Tactical 1.5in belt, 5 stitch

    Need medical, and training past boy scout first aid/Red Cross CPR

    By MykeB on Dec 13, 2015

  30. Todd, how well does the colonel knife fill your hand? Does it feel supported by the meat of your hand when you punch?

    By Tim on Dec 15, 2015

  31. I’ve been happy with the LoViz so far…

    By ToddG on Dec 15, 2015

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