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Modifications & Safety

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the Gadget over the past few days, both pro and con. What strikes me is that safety improvements are held to a different standard that other modifications. People will change their sights, triggers, even permanently modify the grip of a gun all in the name ...


Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Thanks to a Mr. Anonymous (which is clearly the most common surname on the Internet) and his contribution toward a pair of Gadgets, the Gadget Striker Control Device campaign on Indiegogo has already met its original goal in less than two days! Again, Tom and I want to thank all of ...

Day One of the Gadget Campaign

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

We made it onto Indiegogo's front page as a "trending campaign." When the page went live at 00:00 MDT, so many had stayed up for the midnight deal that we literally overwhelmed the Indiegogo servers. Thanks to everyone who contributed and encouraged us! Final day one tally: Almost $37,000 raised 92% of our ...


Friday, July 10th, 2015

Gadget Campaign Begins In:

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

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Brace Yourself

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Gadget Striker Control Device

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Tau Development Group is proud to announce that fans of the long-awaited Gadget Striker Control Device will be able to participate in our upcoming crowdfunding program. Exact details will be posted here on the day the campaign begins, Friday July 10th. The Gadget Striker Control Device allows the user to impede movement of ...

Wilson Combat Beretta Action Kits

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

After more than a year of development and testing, Wilson Combat is finally releasing its Ultimate Action Tune Kit for 90-series Beretta pistols. Designed with Beretta expert and champion shooter Ernest Langdon, the highlight of this kit is the new trigger bar featuring completely re-engineered geometry that dramatically improves both trigger feel ...

Gadget Update

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Did someone ask for a Gadget update? Check back here on Friday for a major announcement that will include not just the status of the Gadget but will finally give a specific date when you’ll be able to order from the very first production run! Train hard & stay safe! ToddG & TomJ

Scared of the Boogeyman

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Recently, a well known instructor announced that he is banning AIWB from his classes. From my point of view -- as someone who has taught a lot of high velocity shooting to people who carry AIWB all the time -- this is silly. It's literally nothing more than fear of the unknown. Following ...